The -ism of Rain

First Hyori comes out with “Hyorish” and now Rain comes back to Korea with “Rainism“? What’s next, “SHINee-ness“?

Actually, compared to Hyori’s “Hyorish”, Rainism just seems how do I put this nicely?

Yeah, like that. I’m sure we’re all wondering what happened to Rain on his journey for World Domination. Maybe too much mind control of chicken and vegetables?

Rain, you used to be so cool aside from your awkward choice in wardrobe. What do we need to do to get you back to normal?

EDIT: Thank you to everyone that helped give me the highest viewer count I’ve had in a LOOOOOONG time xD I know I’m no AllKpop, Popseoul, ShenYue, or Seoulbeats, but gosh, having at least 100 readers a day makes me giddy inside. ^__^ Thanks for the support.

6 responses to “The -ism of Rain

  1. Lol, SHINee-ness, lol. That would be pretty funny.

    I can’t say much about Rain’s change in persona since I didn’t know what he was like before but what’s so bad about his new style? I mean, aside from that super gay second picture, things don’t seem so bad…

  2. ^ O__o Is this going to be a daily thing now? Tee hee. I don’t think I can handle the overwhelming presence of THE johnny…

    …If that is you XD

  3. Village people!!!! he looks very fruity… but i can’t help but loving his cornyness…. I’m feeling the rainism.

    yeah, number 2 likes this blog… u r getting there indeed ^.^

  4. ^ hater! lol…
    i saw him performing “rainism” on inki, I was feeling the “bad boy” act!! Go Bi, Go Bi!!
    *does butterfly dance*

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