JYP Thinks He’s SM

What a funny idea, don’t you agree? I think a look back on Kpop times is necessary for this article.


Here I go again with the 90s. So back in the day, JYP had it big with his creation of G.O.D. He also had Park Ji Yoon. Yeah…

And what did SM have? Hmmm, let’s see: Shinhwa, S.E.S., H.O.T., all three of which are now Kpop legends.

Compared to JYP’s measly (but still awesome) G.O.D., SM had once again trumped actual talent with 3 manufactured groups (that I personally believe had talent, but some people can always argue). I can’t say anything, really, I happen to like both team’s groups and respect them fairly well.

Now, let’s get back to current times.


  • BoA
  • DBSK
  • Zhang Li Yin
  • Super Junior (and their several subgroups)
  • SNSD
  • The Grace
  • Shinee

So What does JYP have to offer?

  • Wonder Girls
  • 2AM
  • 2PM
  • G-Soul
  • Min
  • J Lim

And we all know that out of those 6, the Kpop masses only really know the first three. Sad, especially compared to SM’s motley crew known all around the world. I’m not trying to downplay on JYP’s groups or anything. Heck, I’m sure by now all of you know that I’d rather have 3 talented groups from JYP over the 11329847203974234 SM artists.

The thing about SM is he’s all marketing. Their talent scouts are strict. They must get the “best of the best”: Best dancers, best singers, best entertainers. Forget about the looks. He can fix that with plastic surgery. So now, not only are they the “best dancers/singers/entertainers”, but they’re hot. But when it comes time to deliver…well, I can’t exactly say I’m impressed. I’m obviously not a huge SM shipper because of the dirty little games LSM plays.

Not only that, but he’s just a stupid fellow. After the disbandment of H.O.T., SM was in dire need of a new cash cow. So he had BoA. For several years, both in Korea and Japan, she dominated and raked in the cash that Papa SM carelessly tosses away for the benefit of his mass produced pop stars. Then DBSK comes along and BoA’s…well, jumping head first into her grave in America. But I’ve already shared my thoughts on that. But DBSK wasn’t enough. Let’s make a female DBSK! How about a Super Junior? Why not a female Super Junior? Oh and as if that’s not enough, let’s make something SHINEE! Please. Enough already. BoA jumped back and forth from Korea to Japan throughout her career. DBSK just came back from Japan and now SM pushes The Grace aside to Japan (what a moron). He poorly promotes Zhang Li Yin in China and Korea. And not only that, but if for some off reason SM happened to miss some poor Asian country, he has a Super Junior group to cover ’em. When will the madness end?

That’s what I liked about JYP. He’s got like 3 pretty big groups under his sleeve right now and so far, it’s going well for all of them. However, much like SM, he’s got 3 other solo artists that are very much under the radar. Poor management or just a lesser priority? Isn’t this basically what SM is doing with The Grace and Zhang Li Yin?

But no. It doesn’t stop there with JYP. He’s slowly but surely making me shake in my boots with his unpredictable self. It’s a known fact that his Wonder Girls are going to the states next year (much to my personal dismay) for some “rest” and hey, why not throw in some secret promotional ideas in as well. Ya know, just for some variety. Oh, but fret not. Apparently he’s got Wonder Girls 2.0 being trained as we speak! Oh, but it’s not for Korea. No, sir. These poor souls are rumored to be the Wonder Girls of China!

Uh…what? Didn’t he learn jack shit from SM and his mistakes and poor marketing plans? What exactly happened with SM’s “female version of DBSK”? Well, they’re in Japan right now because SM doesn’t know how to deal with them in Korea. And what about the “female version of Super Junior”? Well, they’ve got the largest group of antis roaming around the planet. If that doesn’t scream success, I don’t know what does.

Calling this newbie group “Wonder Girls 2.0” can lead to so many bad things.

  1. Do the Chinese people even like the Wonder Girls?
  2. The current Wonder Girls are often criticized for their “poor performances”. Would this lead people to suspect that this newbie 2.0 version would suck live as well?
  3. If the Chinese happen to like the Wonder Girls and are familiar with their string of chart-topping hits, wouldn’t that lead to high expectations? What if they fail to meet with such expectations?
  4. And finally, the thing that every “2.0” star falls under: They just can’t seem to be as good as the original.

Why make a new group entirely? Couldn’t JYP just send the girls to China if he wanted to break through the market? Is this going to end up like a Super Junior subgroup situation? So this will be Wonder Girls China, then there will be Wonder Girls Japan, and heck, Wonder Girls Thailand! YAY! Wonder Girls C, J, and T! So original!

Or maybe he’s just trying to make another girl group? Then why call it 2.0? Wait, was that even him that called the girls that? I’d surely hope not. Maybe he’s just implying that these new girls will have the same catchy success as his current cash cows…or at least hopes they can meet with their success. If their concept/image is not meant to be a 2.0 version, you better find a new name and fast. I don’t think the world in general is ready for another set of wonders.

JYP, I liked you better when you had a brain.


4 responses to “JYP Thinks He’s SM

  1. don’t know if he referred to them as being Wonder Girls 2.0, and I highly doubt he did (gossip blogs will kill ya…) If he did I pity his choice of words.

    I’ve being aware of these girls for a while now (i even told u about them …sigh) and they have nothing to do with Wonder Girls. They are different. If this helps they are 1 member short..lol

    The industry is very sad….very sad… So whatever JYP does to help his girls I understand… u are caught in the crazy world of fandom..where u think that people think the same as all the haters… Korea’s little sisters, even with the criticisms they are still very loved …so if JYP has to link those other girls to them, I’m fine with it…

    I’m excited to see what they will bring.. won’t judge until i see

  2. dang, you said everything that was on my mind. seriously. You put what i was thinking about SM and JYP into words. great job.

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