They Have Names, You Know

This post is addressed to Kpop fans, non Kpop fans, and everyone in between. For all you lovely Wonderfuls out there, please feel free to read this is as well ^__^ It’s been a while since I’ve written something with substance (or at least without ranting). Actually, this goes hand in hand with my Unknowns and Underrated article.

Long time, no see, hmm folks? Didja miss me terribly?


…Of course. Story of my life. Anyway…

The Wonder Girls made their comeback last week around the 26th at Music Bank. The performance was indeed very sexy (actually, I think it’s safe to say we can all agree that those Rainstone Remix performances of Nobody were pretty sexy), but very lackluster.

The following day, the girls performaned on Music Core and upped the ante for both the remix and the original dance version! Although I found the outfits for the previous night’s performance to be much more pleasing to the eyes, this night’s performance was just the better one out of the two. The charisma, the voices, and sex appeal were ALL there. (Did anyone else find those cubicles during the remix amazing?)

Following Music Core’s ship jeom (sorry I couldn’t help myself) performance, Inkigayo was just as good. The vocals were there, but like everyone else said, those mics probably ruined what could have been a pretty amazing performance. Oh wait, I forgot to mention the presence of those hideous wigs and outfits from our grandma’s closest. I wasn’t feeling the wigs, but the outfits weren’t that bad. They looked much hotter afterward, during the interview when the wigs came off. *YESH!*

Then today, Mnet happened. No remix, sadly. That’s right, no more sexy black outfits or chair dancing XD. The wigs make their glorious return, too! But the crowd for Mnet was surprisingly the LOUDEST I’ve heard from all four comeback performances. They were goin’ WILD!

But, what I believe made my day was SunMi’s surprise. Why? Well, allow me to be just a little bit shallow and spaz like the SunMi fangirl that I am:

OH MY GAHH!!! She messed up BUT SHE LOOKED SOO GORGEOUS!!! Her bangs are finally like, not covering her face as much as they did during the So Hot days! She’s blossoming into a pretty gorgeous young lady ^__^ She finally showed what she was made of SOLO. No, her JYP parody does not count in my book.

Speaking of “solo”, and while we’re on the Wonder Girls subject (ROFL, can you imagine: Wonder Girls 101?) hows about we get ourselves familiar with each of the girls. Hey, this includes you, too, Wonderfuls! I know you know the girls like the back of your hand, but it’s about time I addressed the “issue” if that’s what you want to call it.

The reason why I wanted to bring this to everyone’s attention is because it happens EVERYWHERE! And it’s happened to just about everyone who’s anyone in the biz.  While my previous article was describing the underrated artists in general, this time I choose to go into detail and dig deeper.There will always be one person in every group that just doesn’t seem to appeal to the people/fans as does the more popular members of the group. The odd-one-out. The black sheep. The ugly duckling. Get the picture? I’d hate to paint a more vivid one for you.

Since I’ve done my bit up there about the girls, let me use them as my i.e. Let’s see, where to begin…? I haven’t read my old Wonder Girls post, so I practically forget if I mentioned this before. I might have. You can check if you’d like. I’m just feeling particularly lazy today.

As you know, the girls are pretty much in high demand nowadays. It helps that their songs are just about the catchiest things ever, but we sometimes forget that the girls are their own unique individuals. Yes, Wonderfuls, I know you know that. For those of you that aren’t particular Wonder Girls fans, take a look at your own personal favorites. Think of the members of the group. You know who’s who and you know what each member has accomplished within the group and without the group. You know their strenghts and their weaknesses. You know who the rest of the world likes and you know the ones that always get the short end of the stick.

Wonderfuls, you all know that among the girls, they’ve all had their unfair share of solo projects. Here’s the runthrough (and I’m going age-wise, so don’t start with me about “favoritism”):

  • Yoobin – the eldest of the group. She’s been featured in Andy’s “Irrelevant Imagination”, Kim Bum Soo’s “Do You Know That?” with her personally composed rap solo, and most recently M’s “Honey”.
  • YeEun – featured in 8eight’s one song (forget the name) with SunYe, performed “Bad Girl” with One Two, composed “For Wonderful” and “Saying ‘I Love You'” featured in the girls’ latest mini album, and “Jung” (Or something like that) with Short and Jae Bum.
  • SunYe – “Ii Wol Chi Ga”, also featured in that 8eight song with YeEun, composed her first song for ManWon happiness, and had a short role in a drama.
  • SunMi – ulzzang and was featured in certain magazines when younger.
  • SoHee – starred in “Some Like It Hot” and will soon be featured in “That Person Comes”.

As you can see, most of the girls have had their share of solo projects. They’re all fairly recent as well. And yet, try as they might, they all know that many of the fans are still very much in love with the group’s maknae, SoHee. Now now, don’t throw pitchforks at me yet. I love my mandu very much. Just as much as the other girls, of course, but come on, we all know that everyone loves her. Heck, the girls know that as well. She may not be the most amazing voice in the group, but she can dance and act. Her cuteness is an obvious plus for fans everywhere.

Yoobin is the eldest member of the group and as we all know, fits the “sexy” role very well. Very, very well XD. Once again, she might not be the best set of vocals in the group, but her rap is obviously in demand. Having already been featured in 3 songs, she can only grow from here. She’s expressed desires to produce music herself in the near future.

SunYe will always be thought of when mentioning the “Wonder Girls” because she is the group’s leader. It’s like an automatic sort of thing. Just like Yoobin and SoHee, SunYe’s had her fair share of solo projects outside the group.

Now here I am to the point (finally). I may be a recent fan of the Wonder Girls, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that those three ladies up there are pretty much the majority’s favorites. The two ladies that just so happen to be my favorites are actually quite underrated (in my opinion). This is just from what I’ve gathered over the past few months, so hey, if you’re willing to prove me wrong, go right ahead. I’m not going to stop you.

If memory serves, I do believe when SunMi performed at her very own school (Cheongdam, I do believe), she didn’t even get that many shout outs and cheers compared to the others. AT HER VERY OWN SCHOOL! Maybe it’s because they see her everyday? Anyway, that’s my primary evidence right there. I have to look for the video on youtube later, but for now I’m feeling so lazy. Then there’s also the fact that she surprisingly has not been featured in any other artist’s songs. I find that incredibly weird (due to my personal biases, of course) because her voice is very unique and relatively huskier compared to say, YeEun and SunYe’s sweet vocals.

That’s why I was absolutely spazzing my heart out when I saw her perform without the rest of the girls on Mnet! Not only did she manage to ROCK IT, but she managed to do it without being with any of the other girls. Yes, I know she was with Ga In and Nam Gyu Ri. But she wasn’t with her usual group of girls, was she? It’s a small step for SunMi, but at least it’s a step.

Moving on to the most underrated of the group, YeEun. In several concerts, YeEun happens to get the least amount of cheers and whatnot compared to all the other girls. Once again, I happen to find that funny (once again due to my personal biases) because I think she’s the strongest voice in the group. When she performed her song “For Wonderful” at the Wonder Girls’ second fanmeeting, you’d think more Wonderfuls would take notice of her. I sure as hell did. Actually, it was from that point that I started appreciating her more as an individual member. And now, YeEun has revealed that she composed and produced “Saying ‘I Love You'” on their latest mini album. Um, and she’s still underrated?

It’s the same with several other groups out there. Way back in the day when S.E.S. was still around, Shoo had the hardest time in the group because she wasn’t the “singer” and she wasn’t the “beauty” of the group. I wouldn’t categorize her as the “dancer” because there wasn’t much dancing involved with them anyway. Hmm, who else can I think of? Bah, I’m not as enthused with other groups as I am with the Wonder Girls. How sad XD. But I’m sure if you’re a fan of other groups, you can pinpoint the people that are underrated within the group, right?

And what exactly can we do about? Well, nothing really. If you live on the Western hemisphere, there’s nothing we can do, except fangirl/boy in front of our computer screens. It would be nice to have fans cheer for all members equally, but that’s probably just asking too much. I mean, it’s just sooooo difficult, right? It would be great to recognize everyone, especially those that have the talent that demand the attention they never receive.

3 responses to “They Have Names, You Know

  1. since i wrote a long ass essay again, i pmed you it…
    our views are different, but the same…

    one thing I have to say is they aren’t underrated amongst the fans… i felt insulted…LMAO!! if you don’t mind long essays on comments i’ll post my response later…

    SUNMI WAS BREATH TAKING! She was wearing stilletos… and Mnet stage is kinda slippery…so she couldn’t move as freely…but she rocked it… I WISH THEY DIDN’T HIDE IT THOUGH!!! yeah i’m still pissed about

  2. ^Hi breezy unnie 😀

    Nice article but I think Yeeun got a lot more recognised in the soompi wg thread after the composing things and sunye got less love, so that some fans even started asking if we don’t like Sunye 😀 But it’s true that Sunmi has less collabs etc. Yay for her now, great perf 🙂

  3. Breezy – just go ahead and post it here ^__^ The world has a right to read your views just as much as mine.


    I’ve noticed the influx of people coming to ask us if we love SunYe XD We all do, of course. Lurkers need to post more so they can understand MWAHAH Just kidding.

    …Man I must be sleepy =__=

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