JYP + Wonder Girls = Goldmine

I just came back from the Chuseok Festival in New York about 2 hours ago and I still have shivers crawling down my spine. I’ll elaborate more on the occassion later.

The spotlight needs to be shed on JYP and the Wonder Girls. As you know, today *in Korea at least* is D-DAY! Meaning, for those of you who aren’t obessive wonderfuls, today is the day the girls released the MV for their upcoming single “Nobody“. Earlier today, the girls performed a snippet of the single at Chuseok. I was wondering what the song was, simply because I was too busy at the festival to realize that the song had already leaked prior to the release date. You know what they say: “You’re not popular unless your song is leaked.” And the world sure knows that the Wonder Girls, whether you like ’em or not, are indeed popular.

Everyone, please support the “Nobody” MV that has been posted on JYP’s channel on YouTube to ensure that the video will not be deleted. I don’t want another record to vanish into cyberspace.

Well, what did you think? Did you find it as visually intriguing as moi? I found the dance version of the song to be exactly as JYP said it would be – “a mix of Tell Me and So Hot.” You can’t hear it? The drum beats and “claps” are inspired from the “So Hot” and the synth beats are basically the same exact synths from “Tell Me“. Aside from the background music, the real music to be heard here is the vocals. Actually, I was pretty disappointed with how weak the vocals seemed. They are much more ear-attention-grabbing than “So Hot” though, so I really enjoyed that, especially the bridge (the part we all heard and had on constant replay for the week) where Ye Eun and Sun Ye blasted their lungs out. I enjoyed hearing more of Sun Mi. I guess her husky voice wouldn’t be completely suited for the song, but hey, I wanted to hear it. So Hee didn’t sound like herself. Or maybe I’m just too used to her voice from the “So Hot” and “Tell Me” days? Probably. I was also disappointed with how short Yoobin’s rap was, but it sure as hell was amazing. I really really love her English in the rap and the intro ❤

Next up: wardrobe. Uh…I’ve never found dresses from that specific age in time more attractive than I did today. I hate those wigs with a bitter passion, though. And the make-up is far too excessive for my taste, but if they wanted to stay true to the times they were portraying, I guess it was a sacrifice they were willing to make.

Moves: HOT DAMN!!!!! I say it again, “HOT DAMN!” Let’s backtrack shall we?

Irony” – the moves were intense and displayed obvious dancing potential for the girls, perfect for a debut.

Tell Me” – a world-wide epidemic. Catchy and easy to learn.

EeBabo” – nothing special.

So Hot” – meant to be “funny” and “sexy” at the same time. Once again, another epidemic.

Nobody” for me, provides microphones the best kind of screentime I’ve ever seen. Seriously, the girls dancing rather sensually with microphones = yum. The moves were simple enough. Heck, I started clapping and pointing and waving my arms around by the 3rd viewing of the MV. Actually, the little part with the little girl dancing to the girls’ choreography is obvious forshadowing of yet another Wonder Girls epidemic. Yet, unlike “So Hot“, which was meant to be an in-your-face kind of sarcastic sexy, this song had a lot more hip-grooving sensuality to it. Now tell me that’s not sexy.

Allow me to elaborate on how much I LOVE the dance ❤ Let’s see. The hand motions, though nothing incredibly eye-popping just add such a sassy feel to the song, especially when the arms are moving slowly downwards. Uh, sexy much? And don’t get me started with those hips. Man, let me tell ya: Those hips don’t lie. I can’t really say much else. I think I summed it up pretty well up there with those statements.

Plot line: Does anyone really care? I personally find it funny how everyone was like “OMG, THEY’RE RIPPING OFF DREAMGIRLS!!” Now look at the MV and tell me (tell me, t-t-t-t-tell me) how not-Dreamgirls-ish that MV is…well, straight off the bat anyway. I still haven’t seen that movie, but from what I can see, the girls and JYP put their own twists and turns. Less drama, more humor. You gotta love a man who can poke fun at himself in an MV that he knows the world will be watching.
I loved how he obviously shows his love for the girls through this MV. I think that’s just brilliant. And talk about JYP family lovin’. Not only does JYP make a cameo, JaeBum (leader of 2PM) and the Wonder Girls’ choreographer make a cameo in it as well. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

Ladies and gentlemen, even with the likes of DBSK, I can actually believe the girls will be just fine.

11 responses to “JYP + Wonder Girls = Goldmine

  1. well you finally believe they will be just fine… DOUBTERS!
    (lol i enjoy shoving it down everybody’s throat that I WAS RIGHT!!) *dodges projectiles*

    okay the dance moves are just HOT!! so sensual … my fav part gotta be sohee’s…but singing wise, sunmi took the cake… MISO are rocking it!

    i’m very pleased with “NOBODY”…its the perfect song to end the catchy song, addictive dance moves or trilogy… i remember refering to it as such… JYP better give me my money!!! lol

    very exciting.. I CAN’T WAIT TO FRIDAY!!!!

    *i don’t come to this blog enough T___T*

  2. Hi!
    I just wanted to tell you that I ❤ your site… I agree with what you say most of the time lol
    Anywhoo, I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to post your link on my site XD

  3. Please, by all means, go for it ^__^

    I’m glad that you enjoy what I do and hopefully I won’t let you down in the future.

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