Retro is the New Black…And Yes, the Wonder Girls Are BACK!

That’s right, ladies and gents. Come crawling back to this blog, because I’ve got a new article for you to feast your eyes on. It took a while, but I managed to get one out of my barely working brain. I think getting 4 hours instead of the usual 2 did some wonders for me.

So let’s see…Retro? Retro’s been everywhere, so it seems. It’s the go to thing for fashion designers everywhere. Now, fashion isn’t exactly my forte, but I am aware that some of the clothes from the 70s (or was it 60s?) were just some of the sources of inspiration for todays trends. Heck, even some of the furniture I see round Ikea has an old school flair to it. Ya feelin’ me? Retro is awesome and it’s here to stay.

Wow, was that my sad attempt at making a point? Well, sort of. Forgive me, I’m on my journey of recovery. ALLLLLLRIGHTY! Let’s see what we’ve got here:

Oh me, oh my! I spy with my tiny asian eyes, something that is mushroom-shaped! And no, it’s not TaeMin or Seo In Young (XD)! Like most of us already assumed, those hideous shroom wigs are a part of the “Nobody” MV teaser. So…”Nobody” huh? What happened to this “So Hot” “Tell Me” mix, hmm, JYP? Quite frankly, I’m not hearing it. But hey, it is only 30 seconds or so. And it is a “teaser”. Well, JYP, mission accomplished. You teased me to the point where my mind is about to burst from trying to figure out how the hell your mind works.

Even to the non-music lover, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that the whole video (teaser) is a Korean rip-off of “DreamGirls”. JYP, as much of a genius as you are, you’re not very original. But, no complaints from my side. I actually like the image ^__^ More so than those damned shroom wigs. Bring back the glam and diva-tude back to Kpop, Wonder Girls! *Ahem* Moving on: I still haven’t actually seen “Dreamgirls”, but come on now. The whole thing is very Dreamgirls-esque. Even the sound of the single, “Nobody” isn’t very poppy (or at least, as poppy sounding as “Tell Me” and “So Hot”). Poppy sounding for the time, but not what we in the 21st century would agree with.

Does it sound like I’m complaining about the song? Sorry if I come off as a whiny little blogger. I actually LOVE the 30 second clip. All you can hear is SunYe and YeEun blasting their vocals into your ears while you’re trying to digest the visual snippets from the MV teaser. I can admit that it took me a good 3 repeats to fully absorb all the material from just 30 seconds. If that’s how it’s going to be, I can only imagine how mushy my brain will be after the full release of the song. In case that decides to happen, Ian will gladly revive the blog with his unfinished articles.

JYP must love his Wonder Girls. After that whole fiasco with JYP and some unknown young ladies, I find it kind of funny he’s in the MV. I can’t take him seriously , but at least he’s showing his obvious love for the girls (the right kind this time). I mean, can you honestly see Lee Soo Man making a cameo in an SNSD MV? Didn’t think so. Sorry ahead of time for putting any images in your head.

The song sounds dramatic and powerful. Perfect for the “voices” of the group. From that 30 second snippet, I got shivers. But how will it be for the ones that aren’t exactly the “voices”? The background music and whatnot is very reminiscent to the music for the times the girls are trying to portray with their image and the video. Back in the day, drums had a significantly stronger (not necessarily faster) beat and producers made good use of live band instruments. This song definitely shows us that. JYP and the girls definitely went for another image/sound extreme with their 4th project. So does this mean that their new album will have an old school retro motown feel to it? The Wonder Year album had its share of 70s/80s reminiscent beats, so perhaps. We can only wonder…and wait till some time later this year and early next year.

Speaking of the Wonder Year album, anyone remember “Tell Me”? Does everyone remember the mixed views of the song? Does “What the hell was JYP thinking?” ring a bell for some of you? I know it did for me. It’s only been a day since the release of the teaser and I’m seeing some of those familiar comments being revived. Heck, I’m still wondering what the heck JYP was thinking (not necessarily in a bad way). I like the image and the sound, but at the same time I don’t. There’s just not enough out there for me to judge. Perhaps like “Tell Me” the girls can prove me wrong. Prove all the doubters wrong, ladies. I’ll sit here and wait for you to shut me up, just like YeEun and SunYe’s vocals in the teaser (Hot damn).

And it’s not just JYP and the Wonder Girls bringin’ back the retro fever. Familiar with “D.I.S.C.O.”? As much as I found the song to be incredibly irritating to listen to, it was catchy. Uhm Jung Hwa brought back the 70s flava with this hit until G-Dragon decided to ruin it with Part 2. Speaking of our dear G-Dragon, Big Bang has had some retro-feel songs themselves. I sure you V.I.P. out there are familiar with “Fool.” It’s very Bee Gee’s, don’t you think? Especially the chorus bit. Even my favorite newbies, 2PM, have a track called “Only You”. It’s very G.O.D sounding. I don’t really mean to imply that G.O.D. is retro, but hey, they’re not around anymore *sadly*. But hey, since retro is cool, and G.O.D. is retro, so cool = G.O.D.! LOL, just bringing back some algebra to the scene. This one is especially for SNSD4EVER! I briefly recall my old music review for SNSD and I remembered they had a very 50s sounding tune, “O0h La La”. It’s back to a time with poodle skirts and leather jackets, I guess.

Retro is here to stay. I have no problem with it, either. Hearing all those songs above, Kpop obviously wants to keep retro alive. The market isn’t only surviving because of preteens and teenagers. Adults are free to do something about it and what better way for entertainment companies to suck them into their greedy claws than retro-reminiscent hits. YAY another marketing scam!

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