Comin’ Right Back At Ya

DUN DUN DUN! Ladies and gentlemen, get on your knees and prepare to bow down before the 5 gods of the east. You fangirls know who I’m talking about. That’s right, DBSK! I know you’re all counting down the days, hours, minutes, seconds…hell, milliseconds I’m sure, for these boys to comeback. YAY!!! ZOMG [insert gibberish here]

Now, I’m not really much of a fan of DBSK. They’re not my scene. But hey, I’ve got a legion of fangirls and then some to whack me shitless if I chose to say anything negative. But anyway, the boys are coming back from Japan after what seems like forever for the Korean Cassi. I smell immediate music chart-topping conspiracies already. Seriously. DBSK doesn’t need to be a part of SM to be number one.

Which sucks for the Wonder Girls. Majorly. Have pity on the poor souls that decided to have their comeback the day after DBSK decided to have theirs. Wow. Now tell me they aren’t screwed. We all know the power of fangirls X__X Forgive me, Wonder Girls fans, but I do hold some doubt for their comeback. I mean, as if the whole “DBSK return” thing wasn’t enough, I’m thoroughly doubting their new “image”. Don’t make me take those pictures out. They’ve done the retro thing already. *Yawn yawn, sigh sigh* And those wigs are…for lack of a better word, despicable.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad they’re coming back. I’ve been getting bored with Kpop lately (and returning ever so slowly into my K-Indie ^__^ and 2PM is helping me stay afloat as well), so of course I’m ready for a change of scene. Hit me with your best shot. I do believe the whole “2 hours of sleep per night” thing has finally taken its toll on me. I mean, God forbid, I’m actually doubting the girls O__O

I’m sorry if it doesn’t take a genius to realize that in Korea, DBSK > Wonder Girls. I just tell it as it is folks. But that doesn’t stop me from supporting the ladies, even with my shameful doubts ^__^ 7 more days for me!! COME BACK SOON WONDER GIRLS ❤

On a side note: Please welcome my first TRIAL STAFF writer, slipperwhenwet. Because I was thoroughly impressed with his resume (if you could even call it that), I’m actually leaning towards “permanent” staff over “trial”. But, since I’m a lady of my word, I’m leaving it up to YOU lovely readers to decide whether he can stay or just go away. He’s currently working on brainstorming for his first article, so please be patient ^__^ Thank you and goodnight.

Want to learn more about Ian *aka slipperywhenwet*?

  • Enjoys listening to Pe2ny, Epik High, and 1TYM
  • Loves fapping to Admires The Grace, Lee Hyori, the 3 Wonder Girls unnies, Chae Yeon,
  • Dislikes bad grammar (Don’t we all?), antis of any sort (that made me ROFL), vegetarians, conservatives, SM Entertainment, Newsweek magazine, McDonalds, and his psychology professor.
  • 19, Male Single and loves long walks on the beach.
  • Purpose for applying: “I’m getting bored of reading the same ol’ same ol’ on 5 different news sites. KBlogs needs variety.”

Sorry, I totally sabotaged his resume for my personal pleasure. I think he thinks he can be the Barack Obama of K-Blogs ROFL!!! Ian, if you happen to be reading this, sorry I couldn’t help myself XD

4 responses to “Comin’ Right Back At Ya

  1. welcome Ian. please do something with this blog, mags is killing me with her slow updates..

    Wonder Girls will do just fine… Of course they can’t compare to DBSK’s popularity, but our ladies are FIRE! i’m not scared!
    Doubter!!! tsk tsk tsk…lol

  2. LOL You should spank me for being a slow updater and a doubter, baby boo ❤ You’ve been neglecting me =[

    Ian is being a pain up my ass right now with his article. IAN, I HOPE YOU’RE READING THIS =D

  3. no infant glucose, this chick isn’t neglecting you..just keeping u on the edge!! lol… maybe i’ll talk to you tonight, maybe tomorrow! I WANT NOBODY, NOBODY BUT YOUUU!!! lol

  4. words cant express how much i enjoy that song ROFL

    did you read my mini thesis on the thread? XD My day job isn’t worth keeping if I keep dosing off like that.

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