Rules of the Game

Ouch. Are you guys getting bored with me already? I’m not even getting 100 lurkers a day anymore. What a blow! My ego might actually deflate. Tee hee. Nah just playing. First thing though: I’d like to give a shout out to all those people in harms way down there. Seriously. Keep yourselves safe and don’t do anything stupid. Ike’s out to getcha! And we don’t need another Katrina situation in the states.

Anywhozies…School sucks xD. I’ve just about killed my immune system so I’m a walking corpse around campus. Gotta tell you, studying for about the majority of my day and working for the rest is just about the most invigorating experience of my life! College rocks! I’m still looking for writers. Seriously, I’m desperate. I’m barely keeping myself awake as I type. Lord, if you love me, help me.

Ok, now on to the main idea. Since YouTube happens to be the go-to place for all intellectuals to gather, I’m going to use a lot of my material for this article from there. Yes, I know. I’m pretty legit. Anyway, moving on. If you haven’t heard yet, JYP has unleashed another media powerhouse threat: 2PM. We all know that it’s a common marketing scheme for entertainment companies to use current artists to help build the hype for upcoming artists. In the case of the deliciously sexy 2PM boys, they had their Wonder Girls suga mamas up their sleeves to promote them. And honestly, they couldn’t have picked a better group of girls seeing as how JYP isn’t exactly booming with successful artists at the moment.

And it didn’t stop there, ladies and gents. Oh no. Certain soompi-goers were nice enough to read between the lines and go where lazy people never went before: The Wonder Girls “So Hot” MV. Who would’ve thought that the hints started there?

We all know by now that Yoobin was shown briefly at the end of 2PM’s “10 Points Out of 10” MV. Maybe there was a particular reason was to why they picked her out of all 5 ladies…:

Whoa, surprise surprise. It makes me love the JYP family however small it may be at the moment. But I refuse to mushy up this article at this given point in time. Let me make a point first xD

This is a common marketing ploy and it just makes sense. I mean, way back in the day when Rain was still cool and smart enough, he was helping out the girls. Very nice of him, huh? Although I don’t believe he actually promoted the girls like the girls did for 2PM, he did help them.

And in return, the girls show their appreciation in song.

Great family, neh? But it’s not just JYP, obviously. My dearly beloved SM Entertainment does the same thing with their lovely artists. Any Cassi out there can tell you when their beloved DBSK boys debuted. Yup, that’s right, during a BoA and Britney Spears showcase. Good job, Cassi! Anyway, as you can clearly see, SM used their leading lady to promote the future dominators of all things sane in the Kpop world DBSK. Nothing wrong with that right? I mean, ever since then, I’d like to say the DBSK boys have been doing pretty well. I mean, their fanclub has got to be the biggest in all of Asia and oh, let’s not forget the bucks the boys bring in for their music. Not too shabby at all. Hell, the Super Junior boys didn’t even use DBSK to promote them during their debut.

Now let me unleash my sleep-deprived inner bitch because I miss my favorite lurker. Please come back, baby. We can’t forget our favorite SM-ers, SNSD! Lord help you if you forgot! Tsk tsk. Anyway, these girls surprisingly didn’t use BoA, Super Junior, or DBSK for their debut. Wow. Shocking.

However, throughout their career that’s so far surprisingly lasted one year, the girls have been riding on the tails of their sexylicious sunbaes just a little too long. It would’ve been totally fine with me if they pulled a DBSK and just had a one time hook-up thing, but no. It’s an epidemic with those ladies. I realize that these ladies are under the same company as DBSK and Super Junior, so it’s pretty much expected that they all promote, chill, whatever together. Yeah yeah, spare me.

They’re the SMTOWN family, right? So they should get along, correct? Fans shouldn’t think about any hook-ups or anything among the SM artists, right?…Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but you fail. I’ll let it slide if you live under a rock though. SNSD pretty much killed their chances of having the public view their relations with DBSK and Super Junior as a good thing when they decided to be themselves on screen.

If the girls decided to behave themselves, maybe Cass and ELF wouldn’t hate them so much, don’t you agree? Perhaps if Taeyeon didn’t call Kangin a “retard” on the radio, ELF wouldn’t see her as a disgusting troll. Or maybe if SNSD didn’t have members hooking up with every other guy in Super Junior and DBSK, SM could be a happy family. Actually, I’ll go so far as to say if SNSD never existed, SM would still be a happy family ^__^ Or at least somewhat bareable to my eyes and ears.

Nah, that’s just being mean. I’m quite tame, nowadays. I blame my lack of sleep. But to make up for my pussified self, Shanghai anti-SNSD fans known as “The Black Ocean” did antis around the world proud on September 13, 2008. Yes siree. Just look at these lovely images:

(Translation: 9 Mistresses, (I will) anti you this life time)

Darkness never looked so good, don’t you agree SNSD4EVER!?

In conclusion, entertainment companies can’t help but use their current successful artists to promote the newbies. They can, however, decide themselves if they’re over doing it. And if they are, it might help to give their asses a good smacking. SM, stop wasting your money on girls that obviously won’t be welcomed all over Asia. The Chinese are legit, so take a hint.

For more details on SMTOWN ’08 in Shanghai, please visit STAND =D

And in other news, I’ll be generous. Forget those stupid articles you have to turn in. Just give me a list of your favorite Kpop artists and a legit reason as to why you’d like to write for my blog. I’m desperate. If I like what I see, I’ll allow you interested writers a ONE WEEK trial run on my blog. At the end of each article you submit, I’ll make sure to ask the readers if you get a YAY or NAY! If things go well for you, you’ll be a part of Not Another K-Blog!

See? Not so hard anymore. This way, i won’t have to outright reject you and you can do what you’re applying for without having me really do much else. Now that’s over…APPLY!!!!!!

5 responses to “Rules of the Game

  1. since when could you read chinese? or did you get one of your loser friends at STAND to translate that for you? i didnt know antis could read much of anything.

    and about this 2pm group, what a stupid name. doing backflips and hitting on a cow in a club is so boring. thats not choreography, thats sad. and having the wonder girls promoting them is gonna do nothing for them. i hope they all go down the drain. its just jyp so its not like anyone is gonna care.

    the chinese are just stupid fucks. i hope the sone in china fought back against those retarded cass and elf and whoever else is against snsd. theyre all just stupid stupid fucks.

  2. I totally agree with you !<3
    Snsd is damn stupid thing. They’re just a bunch of plastic!
    To soshidiots: u know bout global warming issues,don’t u? Yeah. A LOT OF waste-PLASTIC IS THE MAIN REASON. And soshit is one of them yea .

  3. Yes I did get a friend from STAND to translate. And antis can read and write =D Much better than you, anyway ^__^

    So Gina Choi is a cow now? O__o I must say, that’s pretty original. I’ve heard “sexy, hot, and yummy” but never “cow.” Man, SNSD4EVER!, where would I be without you?

    Whoa whoa whoa. First you attack K-news sites, then you attack Wonder Girls fans, and now you’re going to attack the CHINESE?! The hell is wrong with you? Aren’t the Chinese Sone still Chinese? You’re an idiot =__=

    Let’s tally up your wonderful use of vocabulary, shall we?

    1. Pricks
    2. Fools
    3. Stupid fucks

    ^^ Shall I introduce you to Mr. Webster? He can help you out, my dear. Lord knows you need it xD

  4. HAHAHAHAH!!! 2PM is hot <33

    i dislike stereotypes…

    haven’t been here in a while…

    wonderfuls are love <33

    Wonder Girls are coming back, i have no hatred in me today…

    Burgundy and Black Baby!

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