Eyes On Me, Please

Oki dokie, now that I have your attention:

I’d like to extend a welcoming hand to all writers out there. School is eating me out like you have no idea. My obsessive compulsive studying disorder will most definitely be the death of me and my blog, so you can think of this is my last resort. I’m looking for the following:

  • Someone that knows how to be sarcastic and not stupid at the same time. Trust me, people out there confuse the two all the time including myself.
  • Someone that has something to say. I don’t want this to become “just another K-blog” *snort snort*. You know that from my past articles. Your writing must have some decent material that goes along with it if you’re going to report boring ol’ K-news.
  • Obviously, this somebody must be interested in K-Pop. Turn the other cheek otherwise. I don’t want you here.
  • Someone that can write like a normal human being. I’m not looking for a Hemingway, because obviously, I’m posting this in the wrong place. But I don’t want douchebags that can’t exactly spell or write like they’re still in 2nd grade. Spare me from flaming you.

If you think you posses all the above qualities and meet the criteria, go ahead and make my day. All I ask is for an e-mail to kjpopmofo@yahoo.com that lists:

  • Why you want this
  • Favorite K-Pop stars (this doesn’t really affect anything. I just want it for the kicks)
  • 2 written works

Not too hard, neh? I’m looking forward to some random e-mails from you people =D But most likely I’ll be staring at an empty mailbox. It was worth a shot.

EDIT: Come on, I can’t only have 2 people interested in this, can I? This is embarrassing =__=


8 responses to “Eyes On Me, Please

  1. would this position be binding? as in… an expectation of a set number of articles per month or something?

    u know, u could make it a more accessible kind of thing and allow people just to send you submissions for articles and u could review them and post em up if u think they’re good (with credit of course) 🙂 i dunno, i’d hate to see this blog die though!

    what ever happened to that guy you had in mind?

  2. ^ He’s bogged down with school, too. We’re both majoring in Biochem and that’s killing us like you have no idea ahha.

    I don’t have any expectations ahha. Honestly, it’s whatever you want to right about with relation to any news or just out of your head, like most of my other posts and stuff. E-mail and I’ll review.


    if i made it open, meh that would be a good idea, but I’m really picky with writers =]

  3. funny how you think youre on the same level as popseoul and allkpop. those sites are looking for writers and theyre gonna get them. but you? i dont see why you bother.

    all youre gonna get is a group of idiots that read your idiotic blog with shit grammar. yay more shit grammar! i hope you find a shit staff while youre away.

  4. hahahaha SNSD4EVER so you’re one of those idiot with shit grammar too. Since you read this blog.

    I just had to reply when reading your comment.

  5. AHAH! What Nirvana said up there ❤ is totally true. If you applied, SNSD4EVER!, I’d more than love to peruse your application. Of course, all I’m hoping is that you have better grammar and vocabulary when you right articles =P

    Another thing, I’m not exactly making people apply and sell their souls to my blog. This blog is just for fun and my ranting spot on the big WWW. If you’d like to rant, since you spend so much time here anyway, you should apply ^__^

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