Special Delivery

This post is dedicated to the thorn at my side, my favorite lurker, and my uneducated basher SNSD4EVER. My dear, you’ve done wonders for your reputation here and perhaps wherever else you’ve post with your terrible sentence structure, lack of originality, 4th grade vocabulary, and incredible ignorance. Feel free to leave me some of your bonafied lovin’ at the end of this article. I’m truly anticipating your return.

This is actually gonna be a mega-post for me. Monday is when school starts so you guys are probably going to miss me (especially you, my favorite lurker ;D). I figure, what the hey, I might as well take the time to make this ridiculously awesome for everyone.

Younha’s Comin’ Back!

Who’s missed this girl? I seriously have. After being featured in Epik High’s “Umbrella” song, I realized I’ve been without my baby for quite some time. Prepare yourselves on August 28th. She and Tablo will be getting cozy again on her track “Memory.” Don’t think into it.

SHINee Are Copycats

SM, you’re boring now. So on August 22nd, the boys will finally release their new single “You’re Like My Oxygen“, yet low and behold, it’s already getting heat. Apparently the song is a remake of some Denmark popstar’s song “Show the World“. My opinion: Who really cares? Everyone in the music industry likes to believe they’re original and they are the firsts for everything, yet everything will always be a copy of something else, some more so than others. Doesn’t anyone remember S.E.S.’s “Dreams Come True” copy of Nylon Beat’s “Like A Fool“? Get over it, you stupid netizens. As much as I would have enjoyed the SHINee boys to stay original, situations like this one cannot be helped. Just continue to support them.

FT Island Is Back!

Guess who’s back? *na na na* So their new album leaked *surprise surprise* and the boys and their company plan on taking that SOB down. They’ve already released the MV for their song “After Love.” The over dramatized angst almost destroys their attempt at “sexy-when-wet” look, but you don’t see me complaining. I’m not very impressed with the song, but I’m willing to give them a listen anyway. Expect an upcoming review from yours truly.

R.I.P. Lee Eon

Even if your favorite Coffee Prince was Gong Yoo, you could not deny Lee Eon’s obvious charm and lovable character. There was more to him than that, of course. He died on August 21 at the age of 27 from a motorcycle accident just after the “Strongest Chil Woo” wrap-up party.

Wonder Girls Comeback set for September 25

Yes, I just had to use another Wonder S. Jean ad. Bite me. Anyway, even though we all thought it was going to be a full album release, no. JYP just likes making us writhe in painful anticipation. Instead, the girls plan on releasing a single that is hyped up to be a “So Hot/Tell Me” killer. Me? I won’t buy into the hype, to prevent from being disappointed with ridiculously high standards.


Yessum, the boys are in Japan and they’re holding their first concert at the Yokohama Blitz for two days from August 23. Rock on, boys, rock on.

OK, here comes the meat. This will be an eyesore for SNSD fans, but please be aware that this is dedicated to the single person that chose to be a douchebag on my blog, despite several offers for a peaceful ceasefire. If you choose to read it, fine. I honestly don’t need another ignorant “SNSD4EVER!” on my blog, so please refrain from bouts of stupidity :D.
We all know about the amazing SMTOWN concert held about sometime last week and I’m willing to bet most of you weren’t there. And I’m also willing to bet most of you are going to believe the first fan account that you’ve read and you’re going to live the rest of your life believing it. That’s ok, I’m not here to sway opinions. I’m just here to provide some facts that might not have been shared by certain news sites.

I’m just gonna put it out there: It was pretty embarrassing for Papa SM. Not really getting me right now? I know what you’re thinking: “It’s SM, one of the biggest names in the Korean entertainment industry. Everything they put out is pure gold.” Oh really? And does the Toothfairy really come at night and give you a quarter for every tooth underneath your pillow?

Would you like more? I’m more than willing to provide. Look at all those lovely empty seats. Is this the same SM that you claim puts out gold for the masses? It wasn’t enough that SM brought in Super Junior, DBSK, The Grace, SHINee, Zhang Li Yin, SNSD, AND BoA? It wasn’t enough that the DBSK boys were stripping everywhere? And Shin Dong’s rendition of “U Go Girl” didn’t turn you on?
Let’s see argument one: SNSD HAD ALL FC’s CHEER!

I recommend you take the time to watch both videos till the very end.

Exhibit A: SNSD’s performance

Exhibit B: SHINee’s performance

Are you smarter than a 5th grader? Did you tell the difference? Here’s more.

Exhibit C: SNSD’s performance – Night (via Soshi section)

Exhibit D: SNSD’s performance – Night (via Jumping Boa section)

The boredom is excessive. Don’t you love the darkness in both fancams, either way?

Argument 2: It was just rehearsals!
Oh boy. This had to be the biggest argument put forth by everyone to explain the empty seats. Ok, we all know that Cassi and ELF are probably the 2 largest FC’s in Asia and they are very supportive of their boys. Very. And yet, *if you still weren’t convinced with that picture above*

And last but definitely not least

This is what rehearsals look like:

This is not reheasal.

And just for kicks: Where’d the love go?

Argument 3: Jamsil Stadium has a capacity of 50,000 and attendees were 40,000.. it will not be full because of the huge venue, so having an attendance of 40,000 is already more than enough.

Exhibit A: Dream Concert

Exhibit B: SMTOWNLIVE ’08

It still stands though: Dream Concert was indeed free and SMTOWN tickets had to be paid to gain admission. Tickets were arguably overpriced and the result was even a week prior to the concert, all the tickets had not been sold. Rumor has it that SM was giving away FREE concert tickets to Cassi, ELF, Shapely, etc. FREE! And yet, look above you. Is that what you call a full house, EVEN with free admission just like Dream Concert? How embarrassing.

Um, what? The comeback of a legend overshadowed by an unsuccessful concert? Seriously? Get the fuck out!

It’s a known fact that the rock legend, Seo Taiji, help is ETPfest concert on the same day as SMTOWN. However, unlike SM, he managed to have a sold out concert. Last I checked, Seo Taiji’s audience heavily differs from the adorable little fanboys and girls that attend POP concerts. Need I elaborate? I’d also like to bring up the fact that there was no real news about Seo Taiji’s concert and ALL the hype was about SMTOWN. Here’s a Newsens account on the success of the concert:

[뉴스엔 박세연 기자]

소녀시대가 드림콘서트의 침묵사건 악몽을 떨쳐내고 성황리에 공연을 마쳤다.

소녀시대는 15일 오후 5시 서울 잠실주경기장에서 열린 ‘SMTOWN LIVE 08’에서 일당백의 정신을 자랑하는 열성팬을 포함, 객석을 메운 4만여 관중의 환호 속에 열정넘치는 무대를 펼쳤다.

소녀시대를 비롯, 아시아의 별 보아, 동방신기, 슈퍼주니어, 천상지희더그레이스(The Grace), 소녀시대, 장리인, 샤이니 등 SM 소속 가수들이 총출동한 이날 공연은 장장 5시간30분 동안 팬들의 함성 속에 성황리에 진행됐다.

이날 ‘미키'(MICKEY)에 맞춰 치어리더 컨셉으로 등장한 소녀시대는 ‘다시만난세계’ ‘소녀시대’ ‘키싱유'(KISSING YOU) 등 히트곡은 물론 팬들을 위해 선곡한 ‘COMPLETE’ ‘해주고싶은얘기’의 감미로운 하모니를 선사했다.

특히 소녀시대는 일당백의 정신을 자랑하는 열성팬들의 환호 속에 무사히 공연을 마치며 지난 6월 드림콘서트의 악몽을 떨쳐냈다. 이날 소녀시대가 무대에 오를 때마다 객석에는 ‘감상’과 ‘침묵’의 간극을 넘나드는 묘한 기류가 형성되기도 했지만 관객들은 한층 성숙된 팬문화를 보이며 응원의 함성을 보냈다.

타 가수들의 무대에서도 풍선과 야광봉을 흔들며 공연 전반을 즐기는 팬들에 힘입어 소녀시대는 일명 ‘소녀시대 침묵사건’으로 명명되는 드림콘서트의 악몽을 떨쳐냈다.

공연 전부터 온-오프라인을 중심으로 퍼져나간 팬클럽 간의 갈등이 원인이 된 당시 사건은 소녀시대 팬클럽과 동방신기-슈퍼주니어-SS501 팬클럽의 대립으로 인해 소녀시대의 무대에서 그들의 팬을 제외한 거의 모든 관객들의 야광봉이 꺼지고 함성이 사라지는 묘한 분위기로 구설수에 올랐다.

이날 역시 묘한 기운이 감돌았다. 완전한 침묵은 아니지만 타 가수들의 무대에서보다 풍선과 야광봉을 흔드는 관객들이 현격히 줄어든 것.

객석을 메운 관객들의 경청과 침묵 사이 줄타기 속에서 일당백의 정신을 자랑하는 소녀시대의 든든한 오빠, 삼촌팬들은 괄괄한 함성으로 주경기장을 메웠고 소녀시대는 무사히(?) 공연을 마쳐 관계자들의 가슴을 쓸어내리게 했다.

한편 ‘SMTOWN LIVE 08’은 서울 공연을 시작으로 오는 9월 베이징, 상하이, 방콕 등 아시아 4개 도시에서 투어 형태로 진행된다.


박세연 psyon@newsen.com

SNSD overcame the Dream Concert “silent treatment” incident and successfully ended the SM TOWN ’08.

[… filler stuff we already know]

In particular, SNSD’ s fans who boast of their gang-like mindset, cheered on their girls and SNSD was able to finish their performances safely amidst their cheers. On this day, whenever SNSD came on stage, a strange feeling that recalled the events of the Dream Concert – like déjà vu – swept over the stadium; however, the audience showed a more matured fan culture by cheering them on. The fans shook their glow sticks and balloons.

The conflict that exploded on the internet among fan clubs resulted in the fan clubs of DBSK-SUJU-SS501 boycotting SNSD during the Dream Concert, resulting in a surreal experience of all the lights and noise from the stands being extinguished in the Olympic Stadium.

On this night, this strange feeling swept the same stadium once again. Although it wasn’t a complete “silent treatment”, the number of fans who shook their glow sticks and balloons strikingly decreased as seen from the stage.

The audience in the stands replaced the “silent treatment” with “attentive listening” as they quietly listened to SNSD perform. While concert go-ers walked the fine line of “silent” versus “attentive” listening, SNSD’s fans – consisting of the gang of older brother(오빠) and uncle(삼촌) fans – displayed their gruff, resonating voices that filled in the silence for SNSD to finish their performance safely (?) and melt the audience.

Seriously? All you need is common sense to realize how BS-ed this entire article is. Actually, I’d like to think this way: Because of the DC incident, everyone was preparing themselves for the worst: Another “black sea”. Did it happen? Of course. Hell, no one was even there. Ouch. But the fact that people were anticipating another one only made the 2nd “black sea” seem like nothing. And with SM’s dirty antics, of course articles are going to make it seem as though nothing had happened. I’ll defend SM this once: Of course he wanted to make it seem nothing bad happened to his go-to gals. He’s doing everything he can to save their already tarnished-beyond-repair reputations. Let him have his fun, but let it be known, people out there are digging for the truth.

However, I will go on to say this: If SM were to disband SNSD, what would happen? We already know what their fans are capable of because of the Dream Concert. Can you imagine the riots and outrage from their fans if they were to disband? I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more than this.

Major credits to STAND and Shen Yue. Get over it; I know they’re antis.

Hope to see my favorite person soon! I will be on hiatus, so for now, happy reading and stay sexy.


8 responses to “Special Delivery

  1. im touched. i cant believe a superficial prick like yourself would take the time to dedicate a whole post to me. in addition to being a lousy writer, youre a terrible ass kisser.

    i wont reply to the “meat” of your post. theres no point in arguing with a dipshit like yourself. i will go on to remark the stupidity of all you moronic “wonderfuls”.

    ive lurked coolsmurf’s wonder girls blog as well as your soompi thread and id like to ask you how embarrassed and stupid you all feel? here you are criticizing SNSD fans for being insane yet you are all either blaming mnet or JunJin for that shitastic performance from last night or whatever. cant you just agree that the wonder girls sucked and get over it?

    youre all stupid enough to like the girls, but youre even more stupid to be in denial of a shitty performance. you criticize us for liking tiffany even though she called JunJin “juntin jinmberlake” or whatever it was? its funny because we’re not the ones blaming him from the shitty performance. if anything, he was the best part. i laugh at how ignorant most of you are.

    and you cant even comment a performance positively. you manage to get into an argument AMONGST yourselves! and you call yourselves “wonderfuls”? im sure the fans in korea would be disgusted to be associated with dipshitted pricks like yourselves. all you “wonderfuls” are one and the same: idiots.

    for the record, getting your “facts” from shenyue loses all credibility for yourself and your blog, not that it had any credibility to begin with you snob. why don’t you work for allkpop? i see theyre looking for uneducated pricks that are all talk.

  2. Again with the “prick” thing? Come on, I’m sure your vocabulary reaches farther than that. And it sure is a shame that you won’t face up to the bulk of my post up there, but that’s ok. I guess it shows the more mature side of you by turning the other cheek. I’m down with that.

    Oh WHOA-HO! Where did this attack on the wonderfuls come about? And what are you doing lurking the Wonder Girls’ blog site and thread? Here I thought you hated them. Is soshified getting too boring for you?

    Oh man, I won’t deny how bad that Mnet performance was. It was beyond overhyped and everything just went totally wrong. I also have reasons to believe that the Wonder Girls are on MNet’s shitlist, but it’s ok though, I still support my girls AND JunJin. You idiot, I love my Shinhwa men xD

    There’s a difference when FANS criticize artists and OTHER ARTISTS criticize their fellow artists, much more their SUNBAES. Get your facts straight. I do find it out of line that a lot of people have been giving JunJin heat for the performance. I thought he did well *bias bias bias*, but obviously when people aren’t satisfied with the result, they want to vent and place the blame on someone other than their girls. Isn’t that how it is with you soshi fans? Don’t say no because every person does it. No one likes being blamed, but everyone loves putting the blame on someone else.

    Ahah, I see you’ve been lurking coolsmurf’s blog religiously. Creepy, since you don’t like the girls. You’re almost as bad as the antis you criticize. Tsk tsk tsk. Anyway, yeah, we manage to get into arguments amongst ourselves, but hey, it happens. There will always be someone that instigates a fight. It happens. It happens over at soshified I’m sure. Anyway, of course we seem like pigs compared to Korean wonderfuls, but fights like that happen all the time. There will always be some rotten egg in every fanclub that ruins things for everyone. Sort of like yourself, sweety =D

    Shenyue is a lot more credible than your face. I actually was interested in working for AllKpop. I thought it would’ve been fun. I doubt they’d take me though, since Johnny and I seem to see SNSD very differently, but it would have been fun. But the whole 5 articles a week thing absolutely made me cry. Maybe another time, sweety, but for now, just keep stalking this blog like a good little lurker.

  3. younha is looking good with her long hair performing with epik high! cant wait til she comes back 🙂

    dont really listen to shinee or ft island so i wont say anything about that

    woot woot! WG comeback! yay yay yay! wonderbang collab please?!?!

    ooo epik high in japan? very cool lol

    oh wow, there are a lot of seats empty at that concert… do JYPE and YG really have that much of the market? i’d assume that SM would have at least half of it with their idol stars

    hey maggie! startin college soon, eh? good luck! this fall season is going to suck for me… lol

    oh SNSD4EVER! more blanket statements? how come i keep getting insulted despite the fact that i never did anything to anger you? (at least i hope i didnt) so now im a “moronic wonderful” and a “dipshitted prick”… oh and i cant forget “ignorant” either… 😦

    hmmm, i really dont think thats fair… and i wonder if you’re including coolsmurf in your accusations… i mean, it’s pretty clear he’s a wonderful too, right?

    and i still wanna know, do you defend SNSD at allkpop?


  4. finally made my way here… school starting man, this is so sad and oh so exciting…

    rest in peace my smiling angel. I was shocked when I heard about his death. He had a promising future… life is really short…

    Younha!!! OH MY GAH!!! She looks smoking hot, I’m missed her dearly…i’m very curious to know what she has in stores..

    Wonder Girls.. of course my babies are coming back.. Wonderbang would be fine, but WonderDay sounds better *dodges rocks*

    i’m actually very exhausted of fighting, especially when the person doesn’t seem to understand.

    1. we don’t all have to like the same people; its in that logic that i don’t waste my time stalking SNSD’s whereabouts..

    2. way to go insulting wonderfuls, especially when they were among the only fan club that didn’t fully boycott snsd…

    3. talk about fans fighting amongst each other.. I happen to remember that snsd soompi thread was closed for a week-end cuz u guys kept fighting over fany fany tiffany. I also remember you guys alienating the soshi fan that took the pics of the trashcan incident… talk about “dipshitted pricks” and “moronic wonderfuls”.. did u guys get your money back from the admin that stole it on the fancafe? that’s what i thought. We might disagree, but the people that blamed it on Junjin happen to have to come to their senses, which I can’t really say about some of you delusionfuls..

    4.If u are going to stalk do it well… if u read the soompi thread correctly you would’ve noticed that we all felt the girls didn’t do well.. same goes for coolsmurf’s blog. We aren’t delusional, WG isn’t perfect, we acknowledge that..

    5.Doesn’t matter where the info is taken from.. the proof is right in your face and you still deny it…

    By the way, you have yet to defend your girls… is it because the blogger might be right? you know what don’t bother explaining, i’m done with you.

  5. Wonder girls are untalented? ok. you win.

    But at least I have the satisfaction of knowing my girls didn’t get booed by 50,000 people.

    Damn, that has got to be embarrassing. *snicker*

    laugh with me, girls. oh wait. what is that I hear?
    oooh, ANOTHER silence is in place.

  6. ptdragon – why the hell do you hang around this blog? if youre a writer, dont stay here. you wont learn anything. and no, i dont even bother going on allkpop. that prick johnny writes with his pencil dick.

    breezy – its a shame to know youre done with me. i was hoping for a decent argument. Youre right. Wgs arent perfect and yet you choose to support them. youre all fools.

    May – youre new, arent you? they got booed by idiots. theyre all fools. the girls didnt do anything wrong and they never deserved that. you idiot netizens need lives. stop stalking the girls and watching their every move. we need lives? you fools need them more.

    kjpop – allkpop wouldnt accept you, you wgs supporting prick.

  7. Well, my random appreciation for AllKpop and Johnny outweighs the fact that I detest their SNSD supporting site. And it’s fine if they don’t accept me. They’re entitled to their penises’ appreciation for plastic vaginas. It’s all good =D

    By the way, is “fools” your new favorite word? *claps* You got an upgrade! I’m so proud of you!

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