Not Another One…

Nah, I’m just being a jerk this time around. Since this place isn’t exactly K-pop news headquarters, I offer you readers out there a new outlet for your needs. Allow me to introduce the other ex-Popseoul sister, SeoulBeats.

Nothing wrong with a little friendly competition, right? Just posted that for those of you that aren’t Popseoul fans, or are AllKpop readers, or just terribly informed. It’s ok, I just found out today xD.

They’re a little slow, but they just got started. Hang tight and appreciate. I mean, if you’re not sick of the big bad threesome dissing your favorite artists, you’ve got something to look forward to now! Isn’t that fantastic? I’ll support Seoulbeats just because I’m a freaky masochist like that.

5 responses to “Not Another One…

  1. Man, do I have to start stalking THIS wordpress too? D:”

    I think I got it a little backward… I ran across your wordpress via your comment at seoulbeats, LOL!

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