It Happens to the Best of Them

Get yourselves geared up for another one of my rants. Who knows? I might actually offend someone today. Just kidding. That’s no longer my first priority =D. Alright, seriously, here comes the nitty gritty. Prepare yourselves for a whole lot of PMS-ing and estrogen-induced ranting. Testosterone, read at your own risk. I’ve warned you.

It seriously sucks having a va jay jay. I won’t beat around the bush. I’ve touched base on the topic once, but I failed to elaborate. It just sucks, particularly for the females in the entertainment industry (you knew that I was getting there xD). They start young, too.

Exhibit A:

Sure you could pinch their cheeks now. Sure you can say how cute their out-of-tune singing and simply choreographed dance is. Give them puberty (if they even last that long) and it’s crunch time. What are the options? Stay cute, be ridiculed for lack of originality, and die away quietly or bring the sexy back, lose your fanbase, make an impression, get freaky old men coming to your shows. Or you could just quit this whole entertainment shenanigan completely. The last thing the K-industry needs is more people fainting or committing suicide on them.

Situation A:

I loved Kara when they debuted: Strong, sexy, talented, and edgy. SungHee left to pursue an education (thank God, someone with sense) and this is what the rest of Kara looks like? What the hell just happened? This is the kind of situation I find incredibly hard to comprehend: Strong and edgy debut with a cute comeback? It was so weak, I almost cried. Almost. Trying to mooch off SNSD’s concept? We honestly don’t need anymore “cute” themed girl groups. I’m choking.

Situation B:

Uh-Oh, I brought up the Wonder Girls. That can’t be good in this blog post ahha. Let’s see…they debuted with a “school girl” image. Nothing too cute, but nothing too sexy. Good enough, right? Then we all know what happened next: Tell Me. Once again, nothing sexy. Those outfits were beyond atrocious, please forgive this girl’s humble opinion xD, but we all can see that they worked it. What next? So Hot. The girls attempt “sexy”, albeit the “sexy” they were trying to do was meant to be more humorous than anything. Too bad their humor was drowned out by how hot they really got (sorry, fan girl moment right there…Damn you, TBJ photoshoot). A successful transition? I’d like to say so. Their image changed many times, yet they have still been well received by the public. I’m a happy wonderful. Oh the bias.

Soon to be…

Situation C:

They debuted looking cute, except unlike Sweety, they’re pretty much legal. I’ll prevent bashing from elaborating on the subject. They’re working on a new album that’s to be released around September/October. I’m dying to see their new image. Honestly. What with all the drama with this SMTOWN concert coming up, Papa SM must have something eye popping (in the positive sense) to bring these girls back from everyone’s shitlist. Cross your fingers, ahjussis. Maybe you can see more than just panties come autumn.

Exhibit B:

Korean sex symbol Lee Hyori gets paid for looking hot. Who cares about the music? There are others like her, just…not as successful. She started off hot and she keeps it up. Reaction? The world can only embrace her more and more. Problem? She’ll get old. Surgery can only do so much for a person. Who knows, maybe she’ll pull a Madonna.

Man, my thoughts are scattered today. Damn jetlag. Anywho, the initial reason why I posted this was because of a particular thread on soompi. A certain member was talking about how disappointed she was with the Wonder Girls, their singing, and their image. “It had changed so much since their Irony days.” Or something like that.

I loved Irony and hated Tell Me. It changed after a while, obviously (god I’m such a trendwhore), but I’m not stupid; of course I see where she was going with the topic. The argument that instigated several bashers and Wonder Girls’ defenders was: “Irony was such a strong debut song: Challenging dance moves and actual singing skills were involved. Tell Me offered no singing skills and the dance was nothing special. The whole “JYP-telling-them-to-sing-badly” thing was crap.” That’s their opinion. Good for them. The argument brought out the best of some people, though.

It’s hard to argue without being biased. The main point is: No single entertainer can please everyone, so you need to get over it. Stop wishing for artists to go back to how they were or diss them for their lack of talent in song and dance. You just end up looking like a sad little human. It’s obvious that Tell Me and So Hot were meant to be chart toppers and not vocally challenging songs. Honestly, it’s just how you look at it, so disregard my opinion and believe what you wish.

I still find it in myself to pity women in this field of entertainment. You’re basically given about 3 options:

  1. Sexy
  2. Cute
  3. Forget the image, show the real talent

Tight choices, hmm? As old as they get, cute and sexy will always stay alive, much to the delight of several men everywhere I’m sure. And I know how shallow we all are, so don’t lie and say you’ll outright support talent over looks. There are some people out there, but we all like eye candy. It’s tough for the females with talent and lack the face/body for the real deal.
Is that why Zia had such a hard time getting some love?

Exhibit C:

She was the mystery singer with “the voice”. Her singing is decent (in my opinion), but it wasn’t enough for those netizens. She eventually shows her face and low and behold, she’s not as hideous as we thought! After that, her sales had increased tremendously. How pathetic. It took her face to get real breakthrough success? What a shame.

Guys have always had it easier. Not only can they piss faster than us, not have to deal with pregnancy, not PMs on a practically regular basis, and put on whatever clothes while still managing to look good, but they can be fugly people, have talent, and still be well received by people out there. It blows to have a vah jay jay. Forgive the drastic subject changes. I’m still recovering my sanity.


  • Wonder Girls New Album – September/October O__O
  • 2 PM Boys debut in September
  • Oasis “Dig Out Your Soul” album release in October

Look out for my Big Bang 3rd Mini Album review as well. I have a feeling it won’t go down well for some of you.


37 responses to “It Happens to the Best of Them

  1. having a va jay jay BLOWS!!!!!!
    I wanna know how it feels to pee faster!!!! lol

    your rants are sooo random… hahaha

    Whatever happened to sweety?

    my heart is bleeding for Kara. I hate the cute image, but I forgive them. Transitioning isn`t easy… PORKE!!! (alright PORQUE!!! -freak- he he)..Everbody else doing cute FAILS!!! he he..oh i love being biased.

    Wonder Girls always BRING IT!! oh, i smell more bias….THEY ARE HOT!! *can`t breath*…

    ZIA? MWAHAHAA!!! I wonder what would`ve happened if she was ugly…*dun dun dun dun!*

  2. I’ve been following your blog for a while now and i just wanted to tell you how much of an asshole i think you are. you give a bad name to blogs everywhere. why dont you work for allkpop, popseoul, or shenshit? they’ll accept your shit criticism.

    stop hating on SNSD. are you a jealous dipshit or what? get over the fact that youre not smart or pretty enough to handle them. If youre goina write shit about them, go back to shenshit or whatever. no one out here gives a crap about your bullshit opinions.

    get some new material for your blog cuz the hating thing is getting old. you criticized writers for being stupid? youre one of those writers. so go fuck off and delete this blog from existence.

  3. Oh my gee! I’ve been waiting for one of you cuties to pop up in here!! It’s a shame it took about 2 months for it to happen though, but at least it happened =D

    Let’s see. It’s good to know that you’re a silent reader, sweety, but why so shy? You should’ve pissed me off from the start =D

    Get your facts straight, too. Shenyue, Popseoul, and Allkpop are completely different from one another. Their views on artists are different, so get over yourself.

    Here we go again. I’m not jealous over anything SNSD has. Don’t use the whole “DBSK/SuJu” flag on me because I’m not a fan of either. Come up with better material sweety. You’re not original.

    So the hating thing is getting old? Why don’t you go up to “shenshit”, popseoul, and allkpop and tell them the same? Not enough balls to tell the big bad threesome that, but you can tell me? I’m not the sad person here. My friend, I’ve gotta break it to ya, but you’re the sad fool here.

    Go back to sushified. And just to spite you, I think I’ll keep this blog alive just a little longer. Come back with better material and better typing skills. I just might take you seriously then =D

  4. LOL that SNSDshit was funny! Dissing your blog… if he cared so much, why bother to read yours. IT should have made its own… but probably wouldn’t get any views due to the stupidity of the owner. Oh well, maybe IT was checking your blog just to see what a GOOD blog looks like.

  5. hahaha tell those soshits

    sushified hoes hahaha

    this is what happens when you piss a mother phuckin Wonderful off.
    ignore ignore ignore then get pissed off

    stay in your own territory end of story.
    dbsk & suju lol whatevs


    celeb fans..

    hahaha don’t say shit & there won’t be shit soshits
    choose the right & crossover you know you want to.


  6. Jealous…?? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!… why do people always use that argument? ROFL…

    Anyways, i wanted to add something, but reading the person`s comment made me laugh more than anything else… do come back, i do need to laugh…

  7. Of course i know shenshit, allkpop, and popseoul are different. how dipshitted do you think i am? allkpop and popseoul are the only decent k-news places out there, but the writers are still dipshitted asses.

    ok, so you’re not a DBSK/Suju fan. But you’re a wonder girls fan!!! you call snsd talentless and plastic, but what about the wonder girls? snsd can sing and dance and the wonder girls always crack their voices on stage! since when was that talent? your ears must be failing you.

    Go ahead and keep this stupid blog around! The more snsd articles I’ll read, the more i can criticize your shit writing! And “keep it civil” my ass. go be amazed at your talentless wonder girls, you blogging prick.

    and as for you other three idiots:

    @ STANDup4Quality – for your information, i’m a girl. did you think because i was an SNSD fan i had to be a guy? you’re all the same and equally retarded. and you call this a good blog? you obviously havent seen coolsmurf’s blog, have you?

    @ WONDERBANG – mother phucking? you guys are criticizing me when you can’t even curse right? get a life.

    @ breezy – we use that argument because we know its true. you’re all insecure ugly bithces and youre too stupid to realize it.

  8. OH YAY!! YOU’RE BACK!! I’ve missed you, my dear =]

    Actually, my dear, I find you incredibly dipshitted. Sorry, but you asked. Wow, by the way, you sure know how to make an impression. Make up your mind: Do you like or dislike AllKpop and Popseoul? I don’t know if you realized how badly you contradicted yourself.

    *sigh* I knew that was coming, but I’ve got an argument for you: Wonder Girls sing LIVE! What now? Your arguments bore me.

    I’m glad to know you’ll visit in the future! Please do a good job of increasing the number of viewers for this blog, you senseless “prick”! You support me even though you hate me. And yes, I will continue on supporting the Wonder Girls. It’s idiotic sushi fans like you that MAKE antis out there. Please, keep up the good work.

    And I am keeping it civil. Have I in any way threatened you or bashed you yet? I’m a saint compared to several other people you’ll have the misfortune of meeting if you keep this up, sweety. Come around again, ok? Promise? =]

  9. Oh, by the way, stop involving other K-news websites. Involving Allkpop, Popseoul, ShenYue, AND Coolsmurf is just bad publicity from people like you, especially since you can’t make a statement without making sense.

    Don’t disgrace their blogging with your nonsensical statements.

  10. hHAHAHA!! u are back…

    u sure are foul for a 12 year old… try expressing yourself without being so vulgar… i’m sure your girls generation would want their female fans to behave in a ladylike manner; especially since the guy fans go around causing so much havoc…don’t u agree?

    now tell me who is the “insecure ugly bitch” that keeps coming back? if u were confident about your girls you wouldn’t bother…

    I don’t need to go left and right to defend WG, cuz I could careless if others don’t like them… not only that, but their music speaks for itself… now tell me, how are u doing in memorizing so hot dance? don’t lie, i know u turn it up in your room and try to follow WG’s moves…stop fighting it..hahah

    we are not a bunch of moronic zombies that can’t use their brains…. this blogger is pretty objective if u ask me…read the music review for both groups and you’ll understand what I mean….u have to stop going on the internet ready to fight…you are barely 12, I’m sure losing your hair due to stress isn’t something u want…

  11. i just read your idiotic comment again

    “ok, so you’re not a DBSK/Suju fan. But you’re a wonder girls fan!!!”

    wow… being a wonder girls fan doesn’t make one a anti snsd… there are a lot of fans that like both, and your statement was very simple minded… our dislike for snsd has no link to ANY artist… none whatsoever…I could careless if they dated, hang out, made out with DBSK or SUJU members .. or all of kpop artists.. hey boys will be boys, they need to have their fun..

    oh u also meant we are jealous because they are supposedly pretty? honey, those faces are nothing special… especially when some of them have been enhanced by surgery…hahaha, i’m sooo jealous.. o my gee, i wish people will cut me up like turkey and stuff me with alien objects… I’m just very jealous…

    (I just had to address the jealousy argument, its quite insulting..hahah)

  12. @ kjpop – your comprehension level is just as bad as your blog. i think i made it clear that i hate those sites and their writers. im not the dipshit here. you still very much are.

    SNSD does sing live, but you wouldn’t know because you listen to out of pitch crap from the wonder girls. don’t insult the groups with actual talent.

    If it weren’t for “idiotic sushis” like me, Soshified would be trampled on by complete idiots like yourself. And don’t threaten me with an army of antis coming to bash me. there’s a reason why soshi fans believe in the power of 9.

    @ breezy – 12 years old? im actually 17, but obviously you stupid people enjoy assuming. and youre talking about vulgarities? you seriously are one to talk. you follow this shit blog with all its vulgarities and ranting.

    and i bet you think youre funny, dont you? me learning a shit dance like so hot? bullshit. if the wonder girls had talent and actually looked good, maybe, but they obviously dont. so why bother?

    ive read her stupid music reviews. why would you even listen to such crap? why would you believe what she says? music major? a 10 year old could write a better review than this “music major”. and even if she says “no bias” there obviously is, so what happened to “legit”? im not closeminded, you are.

    theres nothing wrong with surgery. everyone in korea has something done to them at some point in their careers. the wonder girls probably had surgery and it just didnt end up as good as you hoped, am i right? dont call SNSD ugly just because the girls you worship are fugly themselves, moron.

  13. ROFL, now I know what all those K-news sites feel like. Props to those people for being able to handle such people.

    Wow, not only are you insulting civil antis, but you go on to diss your fellow fans? How low can you get, my dear? And for the record, your power of 9 doesn’t scare me.

    Also, fyi (lol), I’m a music MINOR, tee hee. Get your facts straight. Oh, and I heard that Sushi performed a medley of their songs lipsynched? Hmm, so much for live, eh?

    Yes, it’s true that plastic is indeed fantastic in Korea, but it’s pretty much no surprise that the Wonder Girls haven’t gotten surgery on themselves. They all look pretty much the same since their pre-debut. I’d rather “worship” “fugly” natural “untalented” girls than plastic.

  14. u bore me now… i thought u would’ve came back with some heart wrenching arguments, that will make me reach for tissue papers…blah

    obviously u don’t understand sarcasm…

    i didn’t ask u to read her review so u could asses her knowledge on music.. objectivity was the key point…sigh
    i wanted u to see that even though she is a WG she was able to be critical of some of their songs… u obviously failed to notice…i have to spell everything out for fun

    worship? sigh… wonderfuls is not a cult… we don’t “worship” we appreciate the music and enjoy the girls’ personality.. i don’t know what your cult leaders over at “power of 9” taught u, but our fandom is on the healthy side…

    u truly bored me.. u still came back with weak arguments.. i feel bad for the few reasonable snsd fans out there.. people like you are really ruining it….

    Just a tip..when defending someone try to point out their good points and focus less on the person… after insulting everybody here u have yet to say one positive thing about soshi… sigh…remember keep your fandom on the positive side, and try not to take everything so personally…its very embarrassing…

  15. ooo catfight… this reminds me of those people that argue on youtube videos lol XD (personally, i find it a waste of time and effort to argue. period.)

    umm… lets start with this article(?) is that what theyre called? haha sorry i dont knowww…

    pee-ing standing up is awesome. nuff said. 🙂

    well… now that this article(?) has turned into a fight club, i guess i’ll throw in my two cents and try to defend this blog a little… maybe lol

    so SNSD4EVER! here it is for you to bash/accept/whatever:

    i think its weird that this is the article(?) that sparked you into posting, i mean, compared to a bunch of other ones, im sure there were more offensive things said about SNSD than this one, so im kind of curious as to why you decided to post a reply on this one which was a lot milder and objective

    now as a guy, i dont think with my head, i think with the thing below the waste so i cant “hate” SNSD or be an anti of them. i wont lie, i think some are kinda cute. but the way you are representing their fanbase is not placing them in a very good light. did u come to this blog hoping to change anyone’s opinions? isnt it clear that almost everyone who reads this blog a Wonder Girls fan? i dont see the need to come in and try to fight this system. wouldnt it just be best to ignore this blog completely, stop reading it (hehe sorry for the suggestion, maggie) and discuss SNSD over at soompi?

    oh! i like this quote:

    “If it weren’t for “idiotic sushis” like me, Soshified would be trampled on by complete idiots like yourself.”

    hmmm that sounds… heroic? lol i thought it was funny. you make it sound like u need to defend SNSD from maggie’s bashings because Soshified fans cant enjoy SNSD if there are antis. thats quite noble of you, but if u like SNSD that much, u shouldnt let the rantings of anyone else get u so riled up.

    alrite so zooming back out to general statements… i dont see why theres always this HUGE division between SNSD fans and WG fans. cant we all just get along? lol (of course not! i mean… it IS girlssss we are talking about here, right?)

    ahhh… its great being a guy 🙂

    (like how i mirrored my post to be like ure article? lol)

  16. ^ I hate your penis. I really really do xD
    I do really find it sketchy as to why this chick decided to comment on this post of all the ones I’ve had.

    Tim, I’m sure we could get along. Some fans are just incredibly hardcore and they just become polar opposites to the point where separation is the only answer for any sense of civility between two groups. It’s sad really, but what can you do? Most fans are girls and you know what a vagina can do to you.


  17. @ kjpop – im sorry, but since when were you ever “civil”? id also like you to point out where exactly i dissed my fellow fans.

    @ breezy – i do understand sarcasm, but you and everyone else in this blog are too dimwitted to know what real sarcasm is.

    of course she was trying to be critical of SOME songs. she thinks itll make her look somewhat credible. it doesnt change the fact that she still managed to look like a fool.

    id like to know what you call what you guys do at soompi if its not “worshipping”.

    i am a reasonable fan and im doing nothing but protecting my fandom. if anyone is disgracing their fandom, its everyone here.

    @ ptdragon777 – if you find arguing such a waste of time, why did you bother commenting? oh and you spelled “waist” wrong.

    and im not trying to “fight the system”. im simply trying to tell this girl to oh i dont know, stop being such an asshole? its not very ladylike. and fans cant ever get along if people like this blog writer continue living. im not trying to be heroic. im just trying to make sense.

    consider this a final warning.

  18. Oh a final warning? I’m shaking. And you’re one to talk about ladylike. Quite frankly, now you’re just becoming irritating. If you’re done here, please be on your way.

    Point taken, I’m an ass. Please, get over yourself. I won’t stop because of one person. Heck, I won’t stop period. The simple solution would be to just STOP COMING HERE! Is that really too difficult for you? Am I just so damn alluring that you want to keep coming back? I’m not in to stalkers, sorry.

    Also, stop messing with other people. If you’re going to argue here, your argument is with me. People wouldn’t argue with you if you didn’t instigate the argument to begin with. You’re not making any friends here nor are you swaying anyone’s opinions. Go to a blog or site that cares.

    Oh, and this was my favorite part. “and fans cant ever get along if people like this blog writer continue living.” Did you just imply that you want me dead?

  19. “… and you know what a vagina can do to you.” lol, ummm… no i dont, but i can imagine! 🙂
    but yes, there will be an update within 7 days? lol

    and ooo a reply from SNSD4EVER!:

    umm, i commented because i thought the article was funny lol… did u get the impression that i was arguing with you? if u did, im sorry, that was never my intention. i didnt want to offend u, i just wanted to share my thoughts on the matter. i assumed arguing was more like calling you names and things like that

    oh sorry for mixing up my homonyms, i’ll be sure to proof-read this post but i’ll probably end up making a few grammar mistakes… sorry if that annoys u

    i have a few questions if u feel like coming back (despite both mine and maggie’s suggestions).

    u said many things to breezy that came across as blanket statements to everyone who reads this blog so i was wondering if i was included:

    1) am i dimwitted?

    2) am i disgracing my fandom?

    3) am i the one getting the final warning?

    because… i dont think i’ve even been given ONE yet lol XD oh and out of curiosity:

    4) do u go to allkpop and defend SNSD?

    i just wanna know lol ^_^

  20. ROFL! People who go to AllKpop defend every other fandom besides SNSD and DBSK. I go there because I have a secret crush on Johnny and De La despite the fact they enjoy hating on the WGs xD

    For the record Tim, I have a crush on you too XD I’ll pounce you in seven days ^__^

  21. Mags stop having crushes on everybody under the sun, damn this marriage thing is a damn failure!! lol

    7 DAYS????? Okay you are killing me… I have to know, I HAVE TO!! lol

    oh, you are still here? HAHAHAHA!!! so embarrassing

  22. rawr, LMAO.

    hey, this is squallie from Spectacle. Love your site and love the way you were able to get some haters.

    HATERS to the <———–.

  23. Why hello there =]

    I’m guessing there’s a temporary ceasefire. I have an article coming up that’ll blow her mind. XD

  24. awww a crush on me? join the hundreds of other girls 😉 haha jk jk! thats very nice of u! lol

    breezy… are u jealous? lol 😉 jk jk! dont hit me!

    wow maggie, ure response is quite… suggestive? lol what were u ladies trying to do “last night”? i wonder lol

    *gives an approving smile and wink*

    awww yeah! hehe

  25. Awww Tim, that is too hot for u to handle my dear… and you better “look at me only”.. lets crush all those other girls’ hopes.. rofl

    and mags, when the hell is that new article coming? got all curious..

  26. oh squallie, mags is being extra lazy… i think we need to bug her everyday for it… GET OF YOU ASS!!! lol

  27. @sonyuhSHITdae4eva
    i can spell how ever i want to lol
    i say phucker cause i can i don’t have a filthy mouth like you & your “idols” tsk tsk hehehehe ^__^

    sushits = dumbasses

    kekeke you+snsd=period halls lmao

    Wonder Girls Run this!

    like I said crossover when your ready hun ^__^

  28. FYI im , id & dont words you keep typing don’t exist yeah it’s a little thing called an “Apostrophe” and try to use Capital letters at the start of a new sentence okay Dummy?.

    Oh! & by the way to every other reply that comes out of your asshole here my reply’s to all of them

    >Get laid.

    >Get a life.

    >Get some friends & I mean real friends not sushi cyber freaks.

    >Get up off your ass & off the computer.

    >Get some real facts.

    >Go to Soshitfied & tell them you just got schooled by WonderFuls.


    Wonder Girls Run this!

  29. If Wonderbang is 12, what of it? If they’re much younger than you, doesn’t it just embarrass you to the bone that you just got owned by a 12 year old? =D

    You should take advice from a 12 year old since you obviously won’t take any from those older than yourself.

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