Hit Me Up With Some Feedback

I’ve been thinking for a while now and I thought it would be a pretty good idea for another writer for this here blog. Reason being, school’s starting soon and I’m the sort of nerd that gets all into her studies. Soompi and my news bringing glory will have the possibility of becoming a thing of the past next month. The person I’m recommending is a lot better at time management than I, so he’d be a great asset to this blog. Sound good? Not good? I need your feedback, por favor.

Before I start hearing your comments, I’ll provide you guys with some information on my blogger hopeful.

  • He’s my polar opposite. While I enjoy my negativity and sarcasm, he enjoys being…less biased (?) and more to the point laced with positive goodness (blech!). It’ll be a refreshing change, don’t you agree?
  • He’s starting college with me this year as well (YAY FROSH POWER!) so please forgive both our crappy writing skills. Actually, scratch that. Forgive my writing ability, praise his.
  • His personal view about blogging is geared toward the informative, rather than opinionated. He’s a lot more informed about K-stuff than moi, so if you’re interested in yet another K-news site, please drop a comment. We might have a thing worked out so that he informs you, and I’ll just write articles like I always do, dissing and praising all your favorite artists. Even though I’m against the idea of becoming another popseoul or allkpop, I’ll listen to what you have to say anyway. I’m not close-minded, remember? =D
  • He’s an AVID and I mean AVID SNSD fan. Yes, I am not lying. There is no ounce of sarcasm in this. Yes we are friends even if he is a hardcore sushi fan. Now I know what you’re thinking: “An SNSD fan? WTF!?” If that didn’t catch you attention, I don’t know what will.

Remember, this is just a thought I’m flirting with. I listen to you guys more than I listen to myself sometimes. Humor me, won’t you?


7 responses to “Hit Me Up With Some Feedback

  1. I think another blogger will be a great asset to your blog.
    Whats missing in blogs, is the diversity in opinions. Comments are only a small portion of it. The fact that you guys are polar opposites is something I’m looking forward to the most. I want to see the contrast between your writing and its very refreshing idea.. so I say go for it… I’m welcoming that new writer with open arms… snsd fan hein? hmmm….lol I kid, I kid…

  2. oh wish to erase all that was said in the comment above please… that person is beyond rude and i really can’t have that here.. πŸ˜›

  3. ugh… school IS starting soon… why’d u have to remind me lol x_x

    hmm… the idea seems good to me, information is information so thats always fun πŸ™‚

    avid SNSD fan, huh? well… i dont have anything against them, i would just rather enjoy WG more sooo as long as he’s not a WG anti, then im down haha

    (what r u talking about, breezy? lol)

  4. breezy’s been on really good crack lately lol just let her be =]

    GAH!! school is teh big ghey xD

    And no, he’s a lot more lenient with Kpop groups and he’s not “anti” anything, which is a plus I guess xD

    Oh, I’ve got some WGs things coming up for this blog, so just hang tight, mmk? I’ll try not to disappoint, just trying to build up the anticipation =]

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