It’s Been A While

Sorry about that, folks. Life beckons…gah who am I kidding? What life?

I’ve honestly just been lazy and news is slow nowadays. Forgive me. Packing for a week in New York takes most of my attention nowadays. Just a side note, I might have a week’s hiatus from this blog @__@. Try not to miss me too terribly xD.

Ok, onto the meat of this post. I’m gonna do another week wrap-up, but certain things are bugging me to the bone right now, so I’ll make sure to address that at the end. You ready? Seat belts, please.

JunJin’s a Daddy?

How many ways can you interpret this picture? After being named “Number One Daddy Material”, Jun Jin takes his new role to a whole new level. The guy had a pretty rough childhood, so he wanted to have this show with 4 infuriating teenage females (the best kind out there :D) to fulfill his dreams of having some warm family bonding time. Initially, I found this to be incredibly ridiculous (OMFG WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU, JUN JIN??), but I’m quite a Shinhwa fan, so bias bias bias. Want to check it out as well? Family bonding with Jun Jin begins August 6 at 6:30.

BoA – Musical Star?…And SMTOWN Concert? SAY IT AIN’T SO!!

Yessir, folks, our one and only Bank of America BoA will star in the musical “Kokoro no Kakera”. Her song “Valenti” will be featured in the musical. Want to watch? You can check her out from September 15th to the 29th at Aoyama Theatre.

But that’s not all folks. It’s a known fact that tickets for SM TOWN LIVE ’08 have not been selling as well as expected. Gee I wonder why… So, BoA to the rescue! She is greatly anticipating meeting her Korean fans since her 9 month hiatus after her “Anyband” concert. SM TOWN LIVE had the biggest names in SM (DBSK, Super Junior, SNSD, Zhang Li Yin, The Grace, and Shinee) as the line-up and yet tickets are still only 70% sold? You seem to be slippin’ down, down, down, LSM. Better get your groove back, sonn. If you can’t get all your tickets sold even with DBSK and Super Junior, don’t you think there’s something wrong? Just a hint for ya, LSM :D.

It’s August 1st! You know what that means…


Kara’s Comeback

I knew it was a smart idea to boycott Kara after Sung Hee left. Gosh, and people call me stupid. Geez. I wasn’t sure which was worse: Their comeback song or the new “cute” image. Again with the cute image. Their comeback concert made me look twice. “Wait…SNSD? What’s going on here?” Work harder, DSP. I might come back and love you if you tried a little harder. Or bring back Sung Hee. I’d marry you.

6th Wonder Girls Member?

Wait…come again? Did you say Hyun A’s coming back? Wait, you say it’s Joo? JYP’s the new member?

I bet you feel smart. No matter how off your guess was, you gotta admit that that was one cute CF. Bet fanboys were going crazy over Yoobin’s outfit.

SBS Leaks Beijing Olympics Footage?

Read this. I found it appropriate to link to coolsmurf’s blog. Isn’t karma the most wonderful thing? And quite frankly, that had to be the stupidest thing SBS has ever thought of. Back to the drawing board. By the way, if you haven’t gotten the memo, he’s back =D.

Ok, I’m done sharing random tidbits of useless information. So, what is this girl to do with all this extra space? Rant of course. I’d like to address something rather simple: What ever happened to good blogging? More specifically, good writing.

Don’t misunderstand my question. I’m not saying in any way, shape, or form that my blogging/writing style is remarkable. It’s far from it and I’m sure you know it. Moving on…Here’s what I’m seeing. Is the level of intelligence of the mass population deteriorating as fast as the amount of fabric covering the female species? One could argue yes or no. Me? I’d like to say yes.

Go pick up a book written by an author in the year 2000 or later. How often did you find yourself in need of a dictionary? Did you grasp any deeper meanings? Was there even a deeper meaning? You see, that’s the problem folks. I think writers nowadays are just as intelligent as the writers of yesteryears. The problem lies with the mental capacity of their readers. The more books and articles I read, the more I find the material being “dumbed down” for even 5 year olds to comprehend. Rather sad, don’t you think? Not only are the writer’s true abilities detained, but the readers themselves are doing nothing for their brains by reading such crap.

Writers, don’t be afraid to take it up a notch. It’ll give your readers that lovely light bulb of realization that they might actually be too stupid for their own good. Just kidding readers. But you guys need to take it up a notch as well. Know which writers are worth the paper they’re published on (or the webpage/blog/site). Chances are if you can’t understand after the first page, you need to work on something.

Now that we’ve gone over that…let’s see what else I can pick on. Oh yes, the material. For newspapers, magazines, and blogs alike, it’s very hard to write an article (if you’re not a gossip/editorial writer) without somehow inserting one’s opinion. And for those select few that choose to write gossip/editorial whatnots, is it extremely difficult to use one’s oh I don’t know…brains?

You can’t tell me you’re surprised with the stupidity of some people nowadays. I won’t mention any names, but for those sites that choose to write with their dicks instead of their brains well, that’s their choice. It’s also the reader’s choice to read the crap that’s inspired by the libido. There are also those lovely folks that enjoy showing artists in a negative light. Yes, if you haven’t noticed, I’m one of those people. Unfortunately, unlike those lovely folks, I’m not here to provide you with news.

I don’t know about some of you guys out there, but when I need to get information, I just want my information and could care less about opinions. If I want to get dirt on people, then yes, throw all the sarcasm my way. It’s hard for me to find my K-News without being turned off by the extras in the article. Of course, I don’t live under a rock. Writers are bound to grasp the attention of readers everywhere with their wit and harsh words. Let’s face it, sarcasm and stupid humor sells. Doesn’t that say something about the people buying into those articles?

Once again, I’m not directing this towards any single blog/article/writer/whatever. I just needed to get that off my chest.


4 responses to “It’s Been A While

  1. WOAH! that rant totally came outta nowhere lol

    hmmm… about the SM town concert, i wonder where u are trying to place the blame, it wouldnt be because of a certain generation of females, would it? lol

    i like how tiffany’s birthday wish turned from “valley girl” to motherly haha XD… a motherly valley girl?

    and unlike everyone else, i wasnt relle anticipating the “6th member” or watever… if its just for a commercial, its none of my concern lol… although i TOTALLY didnt see yoo bin’s outfit! holy crap! thanks for pointing that out lol… now i guess i can fanboy over it? haha YAY!

    that leakage mess sure is karma… but nothing is putting that man down! 😀

    wow… that sure was some rant there… “I won’t mention any names, but for those sites that choose to write with their dicks instead of their brains well, that’s their choice.” hmm… *coughallkpopcough* ahem… dude, even as a guy, im uncomfortable wen i read some of the things on that site…

    hmm, ure calling out the writers… haha now i feel all self-conscious about my abilities XD

    (btw… i just updated the fic haha)

  2. ROFL, I was just being my nice lil ol’ self to the lovely generation of 9 females =] Actually, I was being relatively tame here =__=

    xD I’m glad you have something to fanboy over =] Be glad you’re a man. As you can tell, i’m suffering ahha

    I love coolsmurf ❤ he’s a fighter. SHOW UR LOVE FOR THE MAN!!

    OMFG, DONT U DARE DOUBT UR WRITING ABILITIESSS ❤ I LOVE YOU!!!! =] And bingo on the guess btw =] u get a cookie

    *runs to read the update*

  3. Tim is self conscious about his abilities over this???? WHAT??? HE IS AN AMAZING WRITER.. you just rant.. O.O”
    hahaha.. JOKE…. truthfully Pt I forbid u to think this way…u are an amazing writer.. totally sucked me into the world of fanfics… and mag you are alright..hahaha.. okay I enjoy your writing very much, thats why i’m always back…

    okay unto the real thing

    *Junjin is on crack..what happened?
    B*oa is SM’s money maker…i feel bad for them using her like that; damage control much?
    *Tiifany’s bday means nothing to me
    *Dsp failed.. poor kara.. i miss their old image..but i shall always support.
    *The CF was ubber cute.. I laugh at everybody that thought a new member was added… *watches again*
    *SBS failed…how incompetent can they be? rather fearless and ridiculously unethical.

    nice wrap-up, i was going crazy without your blog…sigh

    i got a great article subject for you… u want it?? go back to LA dammit!! lol

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