No one knows the definition of the word quite as well as Coolsmurf. You might know him as Alvin, too. For once, I’ll leave my nasty comments where they belong: Far away. Today, as you might have already heard, our dear uploader/subber/news updater has had his YouTube account suspended.

Of course I’m angry. Coolsmurf was one of my first YouTube subscriptions ever! He introduced me to the addiction known as “X-Man” and the heartwarming love story of Kim Jong Kook and Yoon Eun Hye. You know they were meant to be. He also had plenty of Wonder Girls videos. Now, these videos were the videos I used to shamefully snicker at when I wasn’t a fan. Now, I hang my head in shame for not appreciating his hard work and dedication.

I know I’ve got We Got Married fans out there. Just recently, Coolsmurf was this close to ending his subbing project for the show because someone else was already doing it. Did his viewers and loyal subscribers care? Of course not. They showed their loyalty but pushing aside an inferior sub group and sticking to what they knew was quality work.

Do you see what influence you have on us, Coolsmurf? Do you realize how much we truly appreciate all the blood, sweat, and tears you put into every video you uploaded? Your work definitely does not go unappreciated. YouTube will never be the same without your channel and I sincerely hope they regret it. (There, I got rid of that “beyond offensive” comment for you.)

It doesn’t even stop with your YouTube Channel. Your blogs are seriously the first things I check when I’m seated in front of ANY computer. You’re my go-to destination on the world wide web, Coolsmurf. I sincerely hope you keep your blog to prevent the masses from dying from withdrawal. It’s already slim pickings out there and I can openly admit that your blog has the least amount of bias, and that’s hard enough to find nowadays.

Wonderfuls everywhere will be suffering a huge loss without your Wonder Girls Wonderland blog. I’m sure that blog has more than its share of stalkers for the latest news on the girls. You were always on top of things with the girls and we at Soompi thank you for your quick and accurate work. Please keep both your blogs alive.

Stay strong, Coolsmurf. As mad and sad as you are right now, know that you have supporters from all over the world that will always stay by your side. We support you through and through. COOLSMURF HWAITING!

10 responses to “Dedication


    thank you for doing this….

    The snitch will pay!!! (sorry still hurting…)

    We support 100%..

  2. Read coolsmurf’s amended wordpress Blog again. He apologised to Connie and said that he now knows …….

    “It had nothing to do with Connie Talbot
    or her management team”

    Why don’t you now amend your Blog to reflect this – there are too many still blaming and abusing Connie Talbot (aged 7!!).
    None of us wanted to see all that material gone….. I even signed the petition!

  3. Today YouTube suspended ‘rockmyworldgirl”s account.
    He had 72 videos – each and every one of them featuring Connie Talbot.
    He is a major provider of Connie info and video to her fans. So YouTube are hitting everywhere. SBS are very busy.

  4. thats a shame, but it was bound to happen. YouTube knew this when they went international, so it’s not surprising.

  5. You’re not making any friends with a phrase like “Connie Talbot fools”. Who is the fool in this case? Perhaps someone who writes accusations before he gets
    all the facts?

    Connie Talbot nor her management had anything to do with coolsmurf’s suspension at YouTube. At least one other has pointed that out to you here but and coolsmurf has also stated this. But like YouTube, you carry on your merry way without bothering to make a correction. I guess you really don’t care whether people take your “blog” seriously. One might get the idea you don’t particularly like young kids, especially talented young kids.

    In case you did not get the word, I’ll summarize it in a few words for you:

    SBS was behind the cancellation of coolsmurf’s account
    at YouTube. Connie Talbot had nothing to do with it.


    A “Connie Fool”

  6. lol, geez i got the message @__@ u guys need to chillll. I’ll edit this for you since you obviously can’t deal with it.

    calm yourself. breathe.

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