So What Can I Do For You?

Seriously. There’s nothing out there in the K-world that I feel obligated to cover. If you want drama…well, here’s the deal: That’s what this sort of post is for. I guess I’ll do this every once in a while to see if any of you would like to drop by a request.

Want a music review? Group review? Do you want me to cover any particular artist? Yes, despite my biases, I will do this for anyone. I’m not a bitch, okay? I’m willing to do anything for my readers, except stop blogging =P. That will happen on my own accord, not yours. Sorry.

But yea, feel free to drop by requests or creative criticism. None of that “OMFG STOP RAGGIN’ ON [insert artist name here]!!” I won’t listen to it. Or maybe I will…just not in the way that you’d like. So, I’ll sit back in my seat and wait for you guys to give me some ideas =] NOW GO COMMENT/REQUEST AWAY!!!

*random* The tags are obviously for shameless promotion ahha just in case you were wondering.

EDIT: Come on, folks. Only three suggestions? You can do better than that =P


23 responses to “So What Can I Do For You?

  1. how about we find some hot Jrockers and post if on here?. oh lala.

    OR we use this place for bitching about other artists since we can’t do it on Soompi? lmao.

  2. i love all of ur blogs so whatever u blog about is the best!
    lol but i love dbsk but you’re already blogging about them haha

  3. Review, SNSD’s first album Girl’s Generation :D. And review a Lee Jung Hyun Album :D, if you can, I suggest I ❤ Natural or Fantastic Girl :P.


  4. @ Amy – why thank you very very much. I’m not a crazy DBSK fan, I’m not really much of a fan xD But for you, I’ll try to get as much info up on these boys, especially since their comeback is coming soon.

    @ Eggs – SNSD’s first album? You got it. I ❤ Natural and Fantastic Girl as well =D Though, I’m not sure how familiar you are with my blog (especially since you suggested SNSD of all people). Where exactly are you going with that review? You want the honest truth? Or would you like me to sugar coat it for you?

    I’ll do my best to sound as unbiased as I possibly can.

  5. hmmm so i clicked on ure siggie in the WG thread over at soompi and after seeing that ure an SNSD anti… i’d like u to… well… not bash them more haha, but uhh… persuade me as to why WG are better (as if i dont already know that haha)

    im relle indifferent to SNSD so if u’d like to point out their weaknesses, i’d be glad to read them 🙂

    perhaps this can go with the suggestion “Eggs” had… if their intention was the same as mine lol XD

  6. lol, i shared my opinion on those girls in one of my blog posts, though I didn’t go into great detail. but alright, instead of outright bashing, i might just make others seem…better? lol, im not really sure I can promise such as thing, but i’ll do my best =D

  7. I would like to request!

    Could you please make a list of all the TV shows that DBSK has been guests in? Some of the ones I know are starking, star show, and x-man.

    If you dont want to do it, it’s alright but if you can, thank you.


  8. moviesmoviesmoviesmoviesmoviesmoviesmoviesmovies. wait can this be considered as spam??heck. moviesmoviesmoviesmoviesmoviesmoviesmoviesmoviesmoviesmoviesmoviesmoviesmoviesmoviesmoviesmoviesmoviesmovies. now thatll do.

  9. HAHAHA!! i’m requesting we get remarried… thats all i need right now.. as for the blog…. point out the goods and bads of kpop… and remarry me dammit!! lol

  10. ROFL, coolsmurf covers we got married wayyyy better than I ever will ahah. go to him =] unless u were talking literally O__o

    oh man lol, idk about remarrying u, but i’ll do ur kpop bit =] thats cute

    OMFG WHY WONT U ADD ME ON MSN DAMNIT! lol i thot ur on that one a lot =P liar

  11. i wanna request again! how about a review of hyori’s new album? lots of different styles going on there so i wonder how u’ll feel about each song lol



  13. ^ caught the fanfic bug….

    I’m NEVER on chat rooms (except for my 5 hours stint on AIM yesterday..he he) .. i’ll add u on MSN but i’m barely ever on (once every 5 months…lol)

    aigooo..i’m was talking about OUR wonder we keep having problems.. YOU DON’T LISTEN!! lol

  14. ^ lol…

    u should write an article about k-indie..
    show some underground love…. ya know

  15. i demand u to review Epik High’s latest album.. so yummy …. I’ve been on a Epik High high since yesterday.. i want u to add some of your spicy sarcasm to it… ya know that wit and smart ass-ness.. he he

    (yeah, u won’t get rid of me in this blog… mwahahahaha)

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