So…How’s the weather?

Ewww, there’s nothing to talk about anymore!! Gross.

Nah, just playin’ with ya =]. Here’s the week’s wrap-up:



(credits to coolsmurf =D)

My favorite MC finally got hitched on July 6th and it definitely brought out all the stars. Hell, we even saw Yoon Eun Hye (who recently came back from Paris) and OMFG MINWOO ❤ aha sorry, I had to fangirl over his sexy Johnny Depp-ish self. He looked hella fine, ladies =] Crown J was there, too. Obviously, the guy’s just too cool for school and can’t be bothered with putting on a tux. That’s cool, Crown J. At least ladies with mushroom cuts still dig ya =]

2. Super Junior hits JAPAN!

No surprise. Seriously =___= I smell another sub group, even though there’s MORE than enough out there. SM just likes pissing me off, so it’s gonna happen. Good job for your win, boys. I guess you deserve it =] I can hear the ELFs now…”ONLY 13.”

3. JYP Introducing…


So, I’m definitely glad JYP gave up on the idea of making up his version of Super Junior. One – because I can’t deal with another one. Two – because they’d be permanently branded as “SECOND” and no one likes that, especially JYP with his excessive use of “THE BEST” or “FIRST” or whatever. Me? I can NEVER get hyped about a group until I see some action. So, if you’re like me, you’re going to be hangin’ tight until July 11th 2008 when the boys debut on KBS 2TV’s Music Bank. Here’s hoping I can see some future collaborations with their lady partners, the Wonder Girls!

4. If SNSD were a few years younger…


Am I the only one that finds that a little disturbing? 9 kids, ranging from 7-14 (only one randomly placed boy). Can you say JAIL BAIT? They’re worse than SHINee, CHRIST SAKE! I’m gonna predict legal issues coming out of this in Korea =__=. Parents, what the FUCK is wrong with you? Pedos are everywhere and THEY’RE AFTER YOUR KIDS! So, you lend them a helping hand by debuting them in a band =] Great work, parents.

5. Speaking of SNSD…

“ANYTHING YOU CAN DO, I CAN DO BETTER!!” Seriously. Can’t you see it, people? Papa SM’s taking care of em by hooking them up with NEXON. Not familiar? You heard of Maple Story? That’s them. 9 girls (arguably xD) in school outfits = jail bait. Good luck to all you nerdy fanboys that game and still live with their mommas =D

Oh and another bit of advice for the ladies of Sushi: how bout you get your own marketing ideas, instead of ripping off of others.

6. God, stupid boy bands



But seriously. If you’re going to debut, make it good. Don’t waste my time and make my ears (or eyes) suffer from total shit.

On a side note, I’d like to take this time to rant on the Wonder Girls. Here’s the rundown. Um, first off, WTF. The link didn’t mention THIS. Talk about a rough week for the ladies. The chart was obviously fixed and created by monkeys that suck each other’s balls. But I was really convinced I’d see a LOT more SM artists up there, ‘cuz I know it’s a fact that MNet and SM (as well as YG) have this “thing” together. Obviously, the people that made this list are big bang fanboys/girls (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

…As well as SS501 and FT Island haterzzzz. I also forgot to mention Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo. Now, I love Tae Yang as much as the next VIP, but you don’t compare the two. They’ve got their own styles and it helps that they’re two different generations of Kpop. But seriously? Mnet, good job digging your own grave. You guys obviously don’t have enough balls to pick on DBSK or SuJu, right? You afraid Papa SM will take their affiliation away? Same with YG? You sad, pathetic people =___=. This list is obviously not meant for ANYONE to take seriously, ‘cuz Mnet is full of crap anyway.

Now about So Hee…I read somewhere that she made it on the list because they wanted to see what she’d be like in 10 years (looks, not talent). They said “she couldn’t live on cuteness forever. But her cuteness does have a hint of sexiness to it.” Um…ok. So you’ve basically ignored the fact that the girl has talent (maybe not in singing but she’s still young. Not even acting? Shame Shame). Retardation takes its true form in Mnet. They obviously haven’t seen this. The sex, right? Ye Eun, you made MNet suck their ^&@$#. I’m so proud =D

And finally, about that SNSD version of “So Hot”…NO!!! Ever since that goddamn special stage on July 4th, the Wonder Girls have been experiencing some MAD HATE from a lot of people. There’s a REASON why these ladies are in a different group than SNSD. Sushi girls, aren’t you working on an album? HOW ABOUT YOU PROMOTE YOUR OWN GODDAMN SONGS!! I’m pretty sure the Wonder Girls are more than capable of promoting theirs. I’ve heard round and about from Sushi fans everywhere to “feel honored that SNSD would even consider promoting such a shitty song.” Shitty? Ok, tell that to those Korean network stations that argue they’re too popular to handle and should be kicked off the running for number one. Besides, don’t you want to clear something up first?

Rant done. I’m saving myself for Beijing =].


7 responses to “So…How’s the weather?

  1. HAHAHAH! my girl.. i like your rundowns…

    and NO!!! we are NEVER talking about weather, NEVER… when such incredicle news are at hands…

  2. Oy…too many new artists to keep up with in KPOP.

    I’m saving my heart for HotBlood. The end.

    I’ll try to visit here more often.

  3. I feel it’s such a disgrace to for Wonder Girls to be holding those goddamn lollipops. I’m sure SM begged for that special stage.

    Yeesh, trying to chip off some of our girls’ popularity huh?

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