A League of Their Own

I find it funny how I still manage to rack in readers even though I don’t have much to offer here in this blog. It’s rather touching, ladies and gents. Thanks for the support =]

Anyway, I’m pretty sure the news has been relayed all throughout the world right now about the collaboration. Don’t make me go through that again. I don’t know how thoroughly some of you readers read, but I did make edits for that last post right there. Now, my pea-sized brain at the time was pretty amused with the bitch wars on youtube and to an extent, crunchyroll (and whatever other video players there are out there). And it doesn’t stop there, folks. The battle of the fanclubs rages on with sites like AllKpop and ShenYuePop (primarily). AllKpop decided to show a rather positive view on SNSD’s performance and totally ate out the Wonder Girls’ performance. In contrast, ShenYue (not surprisingly) chose to utterly diss SNSD’s performance. Then, it went down to the battle of the comments for the given articles. Spammage was shared from both sides of the argument. Of course, my favorite part was the great grammar skills presented. Bravo for shit typing!

So, on the fourth of July, my family had a little shindig at the casa and well, you know, did the deal with all those relatives coming over for some BBQ and fireworks. Well, if you haven’t realized the epidemic known as “K-Pop”, my family can pretty much show you. Every one of my cousins is a fan of some Korean artist out there and we manage to share with one another on these random occasions. As I’ve totally set in stone, I’m a Wonderful. About three other cousins of mine share my passion xD. Two are ELFs. Six are Cassis. Most all of us are VIPs. And finally, three were Sushi rollers (there were more of my cousins that were fans of a lot of other groups, I just had no idea what the FCs names were). A family that Kpop’s together, well, doesn’t always get along. Just imagine those immature comments left on youtube videos in real life. Yup, that’s my family, ladies and gents.

Anyway, onto the point. I was minding my own business, eating my BBQ, and watching the “collaboration” on youtube. The one sushi came over and asked what I was watching. I showed her. It was SNSD’s version of “Tell Me.” Her name is Jessica (a year older than me and ironically enough, her favorite member is Jessica =___=) and she tells me (after reading the negative comments made about her girls on youtube), “Well, they sure kicked the crap out of 99% of the Wonder Girls’ performances of the song. It’s their song and they can’t even sing it right.” And she storms away.

Being the totally mature being that I am, I shrugged it off and went on watching. My other cousins (the ELFs, Cassi, VIP, etc) at this point have surrounded my laptop, searching for whatever new videos of their artists were posted on youtube. I tell the other three sushis to drop by (because I’m just a good sport) and look up videos as well. Jessica looks at me with her BBQ on her plate and says, “Why? So you can make fun of our girls’ performances? We know you’re a dirty Wonderful.”

About five things are running through my mind right now:

  1. I’m not dirty. If anything, my OCD-ness refuses to allow me to be “dirty”. Dirty minded, yes. But dirty? No.
  2. At any point prior to this conversation, had I “made fun of” or much less even mentioned, SNSD? No.
  3. Being a Wonderful automatically means I’m anti-SNSD?
  4. How is she older than me?
  5. How are we even related?

I mean, seriously? Now, I’ve already established the fact that yes, I’m a Wonderful. Yes, I’m also anti-SNSD. Once again, NOT ALL WONDERFULS ARE ANTI-SNSD (and vice versa)!!! I know a lot of Wonderfuls that happen to support both groups and likewise with anti-SNSD people (in my attempt to clarify, they support neither groups in this case). I happen to be mature enough to respect their choices. Seriously.

When in those 15 or so minutes did I give off this vibe that was a “dirty Wonderful”? I didn’t even say anything. I showed, pointed, and ate my BBQ. She did all the talking. This goes on for the entire night. While everyone else was surrounding (and killing) my laptop, the trio went inside their car, put in their sushi CD, and pumped up the volume. Did we give them the satisfaction of reacting to their actions? Of course not. We were too busy admiring Jae Joong’s hair.

I do believe it was yesterday that this news finally revealed, but apparently there was a war between the fanclubs during the special stage. Am I really all that surprised? Of course not. When you have sushi rollers in a room with any other fanclub, there will most likely be some fresh drama to spread around. I refuse to make a big deal out of it, as the Wonderfuls have decided to be mature enough to let it go.

And funny thing is, it’s not JUST the sushi bits testing the waters with the Wonderfuls. ELFs and the respectable Shinhwa Changjo have shown their concerns about the Wonderfuls using (get this) their nicknames. SERIOUSLY?!??! What’s with the random ambush all of a sudden? Last time I checked, Wonderfuls didn’t equal sushi bits. I’m not trying to favor one group or another (because truthfully, I’m a proud Changjo myself), but when fanclubs start bitching about nicknames, you know people have ran out of things to bitch about. Nicknames? Seriously? =___= Dear lord, what kind of world do we live in?

I’m not sure about the American fanclubs or whatever country’s fanclubs, but Korea’s fanclubs need to just sit down and chillax. First of all, they’re just fanclubs. I won’t deny the power of the fans, but seriously, they need to get over themselves and go to school or something. Now, this is me defending my Wondefuls. I don’t understand the random Wonderful/Wonder Girls hate all of a sudden, especially since we generally stay neutral for everything. It’s severely unfair and pointlessly retarded to pick a fight over something so trivial. Just cool it.

So the main point, you ask? Well, I’m sure we all have the misfortune of knowing a “Jessica” in our lives. I’m sure we’re all familiar with the retarded fan wars going on constantly. However, I’m also sure that there are the few fans out there that don’t fit the stereotype. Props to you smart fans for being on top of things and realizing how stupid some of the people you associate yourself with are. Good job for being the better fan. Do you guys remember that tidbit about the square and the rectangle thing I mentioned on my last post? Well, hopefully you got the correlation because I’d like to bring it up again in here.

Not all fans are created equal. Not all of them are very smart, but not all of them enjoy the drama as we sometimes forget. We can be laughing about their ridiculousness from overseas (or maybe even down the block), but we sometimes forget that these fans are people, too. And just like people, they can be retarded, make mistakes, and cause pointless drama. Is it their fault that they have little to no lives? Well, actually yes.

Bozo fans and real fans are in a league of their own. There are the smart fans out there that realize most of this drama is just drama and they can sure as hell live life without it (or with less of it). Fanclubs can’t control who joins them or chooses to affiliate themselves with them. They can’t help that they have morons running/joining their fanclubs, but it just so happens that Sushi rollers haven’t gotten this memo and are indeed just a bunch of mindless buffoons. It’s really all up to the smart fans from preventing their fanclubs from going down the drain. If there’s going to be a “black sea” again, let there only be one.

In addition to this blow for the Wonderfuls, the Wonder Girls have also gotten another blow.

credits to the man, coolsmurf: Too popular?

Bullshit with the “too popular.” Tell Me was popular, but did they ask the girls to stop promoting it? No. IT’S A CONSPIRACY!! If the other artists and TV programs can’t deal with the fact that the girls just rock at promoting and the song is just that damn popular, they need to find a better job. This is just getting ridiculous.

8 responses to “A League of Their Own

  1. ….nicknames?huh. You totally lost me there. Quite frankly I don’t understand anti-fans. Especially between the Wonder Girls and SNSD fans since they are friends in real life. I don’t see how stars benefit when the people their close to are being dissed constantly by those that supposively love them and support whatever they do, so why not their relationship with others. I consider myself an E.L.F and I support many other groups including SNSD and the Wonder Girls. I do not like anti-fans of any kind(except those of Hitler and other meglomaniacs) since they are all illogical. Completely illogical. Void of any reasoning. Many times extremely hurtful.

  2. lol these are just some rumors i’ve been hearing around. Whether or not theyre true is beyond me. AHAHAH of course anti fans are illogical and extremely hurtful. They’re trying to make a point, just as the fans are. But ya, I see where you’re comin’ from.

  3. i suppose Sushi fans are being defensive since they’ve been attacked from every direction..so sad, and almost got me the guilty feeling. almost.

  4. ahha i wasn’t aiming for that, but ya know it’s not just sushi rollers. they may be the most well known, but im sure it happens to ALL fanclubs. it’s sad and everyone really needs to get over themselves =__=

    however the beijing thing coming up, im still aiming for the black sea xD

  5. Beijing huh?the olympic?LOL
    see im working for an export-import company, and Beijing recently refuses to let dangerous materials coming to the country, like carbon and things, due to the olympic thing. i wonder how they’ll smuggle sushi there for the concert. I’d rate Sushi as DG (Dangerous Good) with PG rate (Packing Group) of I (meaning Great Danger) LOL gosh..i need a life.

  6. Now, I truly believe I am a civil anti. I dont go out of my way to hunt anyone down and mock them. I just do it in my own proverbial backyard, but I must admit that the idiot factor with SNSD fans is unbelievably common…

    Even when you don’t say anything (which the post at shenyue just did), they bang on about bias. I love it though, because then comments get funny and all we have to do is sit back and laugh at the horrible structure/spelling/grammar. Life is good when your educated. 😉

    I go to thinking though about some statistic thrown at me. And I’m gonna share it with you cos I like you and I’m bored.

    If you randomly pick out 10 people, any ten people, most likely, at least one of them will be in some way, shape or form, an idiot.

    So what do you do? You remember that fact and treat everyone equally. Always consider that statistic and be patient, don’t prejudge, and empathise.

    Because afterall, to someone else you may be that one idiot.


    and louise, your comments always own! ❤

  7. xD u two are a riot ❤ please visit more often

    unfortunately, there’s nothing new for me to bash on, so i’m saving myself for beijing ahha

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