The Aftermath of the Hype

First off, I’d like to clear something up. Yes, I am a very proud wonderful and an anti of SNSD. No surprise there. My blog reflects my opinion and no one else. Good for you if you share my opinion or not. The reader is in charge of their own actions, so if you choose to read the rest of the entry, that’s your obvious choice. I didn’t sit there and stare at you for about an hour to make you read it. I’m not that desperate for comments and whatnot. And I’ve already said I won’t apologize to anyone if my blog offends. Just don’t read it if you don’t like what you see. It’s that simple, folks. Don’t stir up stupidity in my blog. Furthermore, since I am a Wonderful, my opinion (once again) reflects my own thoughts and feelings and not any other Wonderful. Who knows if other wonderfuls feel the same way? However, just because I think one way doesn’t mean the rest of us feel the same way. Don’t be stupid enough to categorize us in the same group. Think about it this way: (we’re making a stretch back to high school geometry here, people, so I hope you learned something) All squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares. Are you smart enough to make the correlation? Cheesy, but it makes a point.

OOOOK! So last night was the whole “collaboration” between SNSD and the Wonder Girls. Well, I don’t know about some of you guys out there, but I slept it off. Seriously. I hated the idea of SoWon or whatever the hell their collaboration name was because for one thing, it wasn’t even much of a collaboration. Both groups did a cover of one another’s songs. A collaboration would be something like what WonderBang accomplished in ’07 or the Madonna, Britney, Xtina lip lock. Who can forget either?

Anyway, so it’s almost 7 AM here in Cali. I got up to a late start with my jogging because I overslept, which pissed me off. That just went on while I was jogging, with the sticky note itching the back of my head screaming “WGs and SNSD PERFORM TONIGHT! FTW” As I’ve already shared, I was never excited about this (for obvious reasons). So when I got home, I took a shower, propped my laptop on my legs, and sat back feeling all irritated and pissy. I mean, what exactly could I gain (besides a few laughs) by watching both sides embarrass themselves.

So first thing I do is go to Soompi. Already, I’m like 4 pages behind. The hype about the Wonder Girls’ performing “Kissing You” was just about as choking as the hype for the Nintendo Wii way back when. So, after catching up, I finally found my video:

Wonder Girls – Kissing You cover

First thing I see is white skirts and lollipops. Who called it, folks? Anyway, Sun Mi started it off with that sexilicious husky voice of hers. Then (surprise surprise…for me anyway) Yoo Bin sang. I was like O__O. Prior to watching the video, I was thinking 1. Doesn’t she have a vocal problem? 2. Can she sing those high notes? Well, there ya have go. Sun Ye’s voice was really sweet here, totally fit the song. Ye Eun, go figure, was in charge of all those high notes. She faltered near the end of a couple of them, but she never fails to impress me. And my biggest worry of the night (for me) was So Hee. I was thinking “Ok, I gotta have faith (I’m listening to too much George Michael ahha). She can handle it.” And she did. I was really surprised though. I could actually hear her voice. And her soft voice actually complimented the cuteness of the song xD.

So, my verdict? I hated the song with SNSD xD but, obviously, since I’m biased, I’m willing to put this cover on my iPod. Why? Well, there were many things I liked about this cover. The skirts and the short shorts were really girly and all the ladies were able to flaunt their bodacious legs to all viewers, since, due to their So Hot concept, we fail to see Sun Ye’s legs often. It was a refreshingly amusing change. I still can’t get over the fact that they swung lollipops around in those outfits though. It was exactly how I pictured it to be. With the singing, there wasn’t an incredibly audible echo as when you hear SNSD performing the song. Well, there are only five girls. And their performance was just banging. They have incredible charisma and seriously folks, if your not a fan of the the Wonder Girls, just take a look at this video and perhaps you’ll change your mind. Seriously, I haven’t felt this giddy about a cover song since Kan Mi Youn, Solbi, Bae Seul Gi, and whoever the other two were covered H.O.T.’s “Candy.

Let’s not forget the other part of this “collaboration.”

Tell Me – SNSD

First I would like to comment on their outfits. What the heck? The Wonder Girls go all out with the cuteness and the SNSD’s stylist comes up with their usual outfits? It’s called “thinking outside the box.” So the outfits failed to impress. Ok ok, all you little antis out there, I know your wondering “where’s the bashing?” Patience is a virtue =]. (Fany fany) Tiffany starts us up. I must say, the Michael Jackson inspired glove trend is pretty incredible to reach all the way to Korea, but it didn’t really do much to enhance fany’s performance =P. Maybe she’s still upset about losing her job being replaced by a Kara member on a radio show. Then there was the collection of “Omonas”. These girls have the whole “cute” image thing going for them, so you’d think they’d own it. No. Apparently the steamy dumpling puffy cheeks are what makes the Omona work. Back to point: the vocals were impressive. They sang a helluva lot better than most of the Wonder Girls when they were promoting “Tell Me”, but that’s SM for ya. It’s what they were hired to do in the first place. The whole flashing what’s under their skirts thing just came with the package =].

Now, my downfall is I don’t know most of their names, so I can’t identify their faces to save my life. As I said, vocals were good. The dance, well, everyone knows that, so they have no excuse. I have to say, the overall performance was interesting. I love how they strategically place themselves on the stage to prevent from pwn-ing one another when they dance. I really was expecting someone to get a black eye when they hit the dance for the chorus bit. Papa SM knows how to train an army. They had a cute dance sequence after the chorus. I’m really glad it wasn’t fany that ruined the rap for me =]. Really, I’m ecstatic. I think it was YoonA Yuri (who was also sporting the Michael Jackson inspired glove) and the Butch. YAY!!! Once again, biased but, Yoo Bin 0wns =P. The girls sang well, but they should at least try to look like they enjoy performing a “rival” group’s song. Maybe I’m being a little too inconsiderate. Maybe that’s just how their faces permanently look because of that wonderful thing called “plastic surgery.” And I’ll be nice enough to say that both performances were “unique” in their own right. Good job to both groups!! [insert plastic smiles here]

Oh, let’s not forget Dambi, Joo, Seul Gi, and Ga In.

One More Time Cover

That song is really annoying =___=. They need to go watch different old school bands and cover their songs. I found it funny how random Joo was in this group, but the ballad princess held her own. It wasn’t bad, but I hate the song, so I just watched the video and blanked out. Props to the four for making it a bearable song since Jewelry failed a while ago. xD
EDIT: HAPPY 4th of July everyone =] Have a watermelon!!

EDIT 2: Wow, ok so both videos are already up on several Youtube accounts. First thing I see are all these thumbs up for all the positive comments for “their” artists and thumbs down marks for all the negative comments. Don’t embarrass yourselves, fans. They’re supposed to be “friends” not “rivals, but we all know it’s just a publicity scam.

EDIT 3: Hopefully all the smarties out there will realize that there should no longer be any comparisons made between these two girl groups. They obviously sing/perform different genres (even though they are labeled “K-Pop”) so what’s there to compare? Both have their own style, and whether or not we like or dislike, who really cares? No one is going to take your opinion seriously. It’s just like how I don’t take this blog seriously. People, find some hobbies.

EDIT 4: I’m gonna be the bigger person here and give props to those people who have the balls to go into “enemy” territory and show their support for them. Really. I could never ever do such a thing without wanting to choke on something first. I respect you people genuinely. At soompi, we’ve had a couple of SNSD fans drop by to give their 2 cents and all I could think about as I read their comments was “They need more fans like that.” Why? So I can show respect for them in return. But still, =___= a few positive comments doesn’t outweigh the fact that there are sooo many dipshit fans out there. Yes folks, they spread like AIDS. But once again, props to ya guys. Thank you for bringing maturity to the fandom.


13 responses to “The Aftermath of the Hype

  1. well the positive ones were great but…I was reading some negative comments I had to resist punching somebody’s face out.

    All I could think was, “I’m a nice Wonderful. I’m a nice Wonderful”

  2. ahha well, we’re not exactly threatning O___o sometimes but we’re not retarded ahha

    wonderfuls stay neutral most of the time xD makes me so proud TT__TT

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  4. frankly i don bother to comment on the performances. but if WG did bad, isn’t that supposed to be that way?i mean they’re singing sushi’s song, isn’t obvious the song must be sang bad cos thats how sushi usually sing it? hahah..just my silly thought. if sushi is gonna sing WG’s song, then they have to reach the bar, vice versa for WG, they just have to lower their level to be equal with sushi.
    either way, can’t say much. i don even bother to watch the whole videos.

  5. Both performances were okay. I’m not really a hardcore fan for both groups. Neutral. Haha

    It was kinda fun and weird at the same time.

    Though I’m really surprised at how some Sushi are proposing for their idols to perform “So Hot”.
    The collab. should be “a one time, big time” thing..neh?

    Besides, doing that would only bring murder for SNSD.
    Yes I said it.
    SNSD=bubblegum songs..
    (They should stick to the genre they were born with..LOL)
    + (Though they could come off as bad-ass..err sexy… for their next album..haha)

  6. ROFL good luck to them =P

    personally, it’s gonna be a hit or miss with their fans. Theyre meant to be “viriginal cute”. Last time i checked, being sexy doesnt equal that

  7. haha i know this is kinda old but..when i heard snsd singing Tell Me..sorry but I felt like ajumma’s singing. Tell Me. im not used to them singing WG’s kind of song. :[
    dunno.! molla molla molla

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