Bashing SNSD/DBSK/Super Junior/Wonder Girls/Big Bang/blah blah blah

Don’t be fooled by the title =] This is rather positive, even for me.

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Just came back from the morning jog and it’s about 5 AM here in California. I’m sitting down to a great breakfast of Pops cereal and the morning paper. I love these editorials. They can diss the retardedness of our government and the monkeys that run it all they want and all anyone can do after reading these is laugh. Gotta love America.

Note: If you can figure out which artists I’m subliminally bashing on, you get a cookie =]

Anyway, it’s “playfully playing” with other people to “poke playful fun” at them. Who doesn’t love to poke fun? Personally, I LOVE enraging pissing off other people. I LOVE sarcasm. Seeing people’s reaction to these things just brightens up my day. It’s the REAL reason why I have this blog. Besides, no one likes reading that processed bullshit over and over again. That’s what Newsweek is for.

So anyway, back to the main topic XD. O how I love to drift. *ahem* For real now. Got my game face on. BLREK! Editorials bash. Don’t you love a good bash? I mean, even the simple “YOU SUCK!” is a great bash. I’m quite partial to “No talent” though. =] BLAH!! Mental Note: Stop being ADD, it’s not good for you. OKI DOKI THEN! Back on topic XD: We’re all fans of something. Whether it be actually supporting a group or supporting HATE for a group, hey you’re still a fan of whichever. Be proud. So yes, all you freaks out there actually have a place you can call home =].

All you K-poppers out there belong to one or two fanclubs of those bands I mentioned above and most likely several others. Good for you =] You’re either listening to good music or horseradish. And I really don’t care about the music you consider to be “good”. Opinions vary. And if you don’t like mine, well, I’m sorry. But please, keep on reading =] it’ll get quite interesting, I promise.

So why do people enjoy bashing those artists so much? Maybe it’s not even the artists, but the fans. Most of the time, psycho fans say it’s to “protect” their groups. From what? Random threats from Sushi fan boys about gang-ass-raping their boys? ‘Cuz you know, that’s a totally terrifying threat. Silly Sushi fanboys, go watch Kissing You till you lose feeling in your arms. Yes, both arms. You’ve pretty much already lost your eyesight and hearing anyway. Side note: See? Isn’t bashing fun?

Other times, it’s because they believe that members of two different groups are dating (OH NOEZ GOD FORBID) or starting a relationship. GET OVER IT! If your beloved artist wants to date an ogre and can’t exactly settle for Shrek, you’ve got to get a hold of yourself and realize 1. you never had a chance to begin with and 2. you’re better looking than Shrek…hopefully. If not, join SM Entertainment =] They’ll give you a new face. Aha, I’m enjoying myself today, can’t you tell?

Antis may not be as abundant as fans, but who really cares. It’s quality over quantity people and you know it. Anyway, antis make me laugh. Seriously, have you seen the shizz these people come up with just to hate on certain artists? It’s a gag. Yes, antis are quite sad, but who really cares when the stuff they come up with are quite the knee-slappers. Have you SEEN this? 1,391 signatures. Wow. And if you drop by at Crunchyroll, there are SOO MANY anti groups there. I pray for the brave souls that choose to take part in that action. They’re front lines in enemy territory ahaha. I salute you. Hopefully, all the cute little rabid fanboys and girls will just leave you threatening messages like “OmFg!!111 YoU’rE sUcH a SlUt!!1111 HoW cAn YoU hAtE [insert artist name here]!?//11 YoU’rE jUsT jEaLoUs ThAt ThEy HaVe TaLenT aNd YoU dOn’t.”

First of all, it takes some REAL talent to type like a moron. Seriously. You spend more time hitting SHIFT than any other key on the goddamn keyboard. I feel for their fingers. Second, they stole my “No talent” bash =[. I’m quite sad now…not. Which brings me to another point. The reason why antis exist is because morons like the above exist. Messing with idiots that can’t type for shit is just AWESOME. It’s fun messing with fans that have shit for brains =]. And actually, most fans have terrible grammar =___= Of course, you gotta take into consideration the fans that are from different places of the world and can’t exactly speak English. So I’ll be nice and let those folks pass by. But to everyone else, you’re a disgrace to mankind if you can’t spell or type like every other human being. Anyway, back to the point (again): Antis thrive on MORONS (artists and fans together, actually). It makes their job easier if people like the above are everywhere on forums, blogs, blah blah blah. It helps if their artists are complete air headed cheerleaders, too. You know, whatever floats your anti boat and sinks the bandwagon of bozos.

I will come to admit that antis can get pretty freaky. It’s fine to just diss another group and its members and blah whatever. But shouldn’t you guys draw the line when it comes to the actual personal lives of the fans? Raping each other isn’t the answer, people XD Antis, you get just a little too harsh for me to handle some times, but hell, most of the time I’m pretty much laughing along with you guys. Just keep it PG-13? I really don’t know how to rate that ahha

Now back to the fans (the ones that actually support a group). I swear, you guys get stupider with every year I have the misfortune of breathing. Props to you guys for standing out your artists’ homes and schools (for the intelligent few that actually go to school) and stalking them everywhere they go. That makes you people look good fo sho. Ok ok, I’ll be nice now. Seriously, major props to the fans that stay strong enough to fight against all those haters. Of course there are those stupid fans out there, but don’t categorize them with the smart fans that you know can type like a normal human being =]. Just realize that all fans aren’t created equal. However, it’s a truth that fans are just pawns in the music scene. Whether or not these fans are ignorant enough, well that’s beyond me. I for one am aware of this, but it doesn’t really change my rabidness for my fandom. It’s the same for a lot of people out there, but you don’t see them being complete bitches on blogs like myself XD.

In the end, who’s really going to remember these bands? In the end, aren’t we just like those editorials that people laugh at? Ten years from now, we’re just going to look back on these bands and dust off our old CD’s and mp3 players and fondly listen to our artists. No one’s going to really care if you were a fan of lollipop wielding ogres, faux asian ghettos, or overly metro boys dancing to choreography for heavy metal riffs. Seriously, it’s not like I smell another Shinhwa in the new generation of Kpop or music in general. I mean, 10 years is a long time. Some of us will pretty much be knocked up and walking around the house with god only knows how many kids. Hopefully by then, we’ll all be mature enough to realize how stupid we were =__=

But how funny would it be if we ended up being antis of our kids’ favorite bands or vice versa. Talk about a broken home, neh?


16 responses to “Bashing SNSD/DBSK/Super Junior/Wonder Girls/Big Bang/blah blah blah

  1. I don’t know if I should take a blogger who abuses “XD” and “=]” and etc. seriously. Also, you have this huge essay about fans, and you always show negative comments on SNSD.
    You might recognize me as an active WG in soompi. I always have faith in wonderfuls, that they won’t sink down low to the level of some SNSD’s fan blogs, whose main purpose in life is to degrade our girls. Also, about your signature in soompi, I’m not sure if it’s generating a good image for wondefuls. Sarcasm is good, but when the purpose is not in good spirits, it’s nothing more than some bitter humor that hurts people. True satire never means to harm. Jonathan Swift wanted to mend the world with it.
    You know how to write, so I hope in the future you know how to write properly as well. I believe in wonderfuls.

  2. ahah well, i must admit, I’m very active on AIM. pure habit is all that XD and =D stuff is. and thank you for the creative criticism. I’ll actually take your words to heart.

  3. I’ve been popping in and out of your blog since you started blogging. And yes, by the way I have no life. And I had to finally say something and tell you how awesome you are.

    I love reading your posts, it has just the right amount of sarcasm for me and I think you have your head twisted the right direction. There’s not so many people like that around anymore. And really, you dont want to deal with bashers, their complete and utter idiots. It gets tiring after a while. :3

    I’ll keep popping in and out and tell you your awesome every once in a while too. I hope that’s alright with you? :p

  4. Oh man, another shenyue-er xD You guys are pretty much giving my ego steroids by coming here.

    but wow, i’m feeling giddy =] please drop by anytime. shenyue-ers are ALWAYS welcome here.

  5. Seriously I LOVE your HUNOR and the way you write…

    When i was reading your BLOG i was L-A-U-G-H-I-N-G my ass out…

    I agree to your opinions… MOST of it, actually.

    And the last paragraphs was a classic. I’ll vote for you if you want to run for a President or something.

    I hope we can become great friends, i know we’ll get along pretty easy. I bash SNSD alot. hehehe…kkkkkk… (actually i was kicked out in most forums these girls have)…kkkkkk….

    ^-^… i hope to read your AWESOME (new) blog…


  6. sorry… slight typo…. really sorry for that…
    *Seiously i love your HUNOR (i know, what the hell is that?!) change it to HUMOR. Thanks.,…

  7. oh sweety, i am very much an anti (well, just for SNSD) but I just happen to know where to draw the line in blog posts ahha

  8. You actually make sense. GOOD
    I’ll be visiting here now and then.
    Reading blogs like yours actually brings my feet back to the ground amidst all my fandom-ness. Haha
    If I weren’t lazy enough, I would actually do the same thing that you do. LOL

    Bashers are pure fun to watch but I’m not the type to jump in a pool full of rabid fans. Haha


  9. oops…just stumbled on your blog regarding Idol Bashing. Sometimes i wonder what’s with all the hatefulness and vulgarity towards snsd. They’re humans like the rest of us, and yes they DO make mistakes but its only magnified by the fact that they’re famous. Same goes to BB, DBSK, WG and what nots. But truly, all that venom and vehemence…come on…don’t all anti’s out there have anything better to do?? Look, earth is going to die soon and you’re more worried bout lollipop singers?! Instead of typing hateful things online, why don’t you use those fingers to do something more useful? Whatever it is that you do,(guys..i don’t wanna know what those fingers of yours do..) hopefully something good will come out of it instead of spreading hatred. Aish….

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