The Unknowns and Underrated

Of course, I’m just blowing things out of proportion again. I enjoy doing that =]. It gives me some source of excitement on slow news weeks.

Anyway, so today, I’d like to venture into the K-pop world’s “B-list” aka “Sucks to be them.” When I read my K-news on random sites, I often read about these bands I’ve never heard of before or never hear from often. As I’ve stated before, I’m sure these bands aren’t “unknown” (obviously, otherwise there wouldn’t be much news on these people) but they’re not exactly DBSK *a roar of rabid cheers is heard from Cassi* So, faithful lurkers (it wouldn’t kill ya to comment. Hoorah for shamelessness), let’s do some PROFILIN’!!!

These bands are often pushed aside, have less crammed schedules, and really suck at promoting their works (well, it could be their managers at fault as well). With a combination like that, is it a real surprise these ladies and gentlemen are B-list? It’s ok, I’m sure you have fans somewhere…out there…*insert twlight zone music*. Just kidding. I’m sure they have fans, just not as rabid or abundant as those A-listers. So good job, B-list fans, you’re preventing your B-list bands from sinking lower and lower =D.

Let’s see. I don’t know where to begin. I’d hate to offend fans (who am I kidding?) into thinking that I called their stars B-list. I’m putting this list together using a bunch of forums and random news articles from random sources ahha. I don’t really care if you agree. Actually, I’m adding a lot of bands that I think aren’t getting the credit they deserve. I’m just feeling generous today =].



Now, at first sight, they don’t seem to be all that bad, but they aren’t exactly far from the cookie cutter boy band. From what I’ve read, they’re often compared to DBSK and labeled “the lesser version” or something to that extent. I can see why they’re compared, even though both bands are no longer near the same level in terms of their music. If you’re interested in them, please check out their new single (already criticized by judgmental bozos) “You Are My Heaven” if you’re interested in these boys.

SG Wannabe

SG Wannabe

I personally hate their name. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE Simon and Garfunkel, but the whole name is just…weird ahah. Now, these guys are pretty popular. They’ve received a lot of awards and have had similar album sales as, yup you guessed it, DBSK. Surprise surprise. Yet, I never really hear from these guys. They’re pretty under the radar in terms of celeb news, and most of the time thats a good thing. They seem to have a good enough following, so keep up the good work, gents.

See Ya

See Ya

Pretty hot, neh? Every time I say their group name, that one S.E.S. song (Just A Feeling) just pops in my head (that one particular part when they repeat “see ya” in the background). These ladies are SG Wannabe’s female counterparts. Now, the only thing I know about these ladies is that one of them had a wardrobe malfunction (Janet Jackson, anyone?). Give ’em your ears if you like ’em.

Brown Eyed Girls

Brown Eyed Girls

Their name sucks. I’ve never even heard of their label, Nega Network, but they are signed under Seoul Records. They supposedly “got soul” so if you’re into the whole RnB thing, here are your ladies.



SOLBI!!!!! YAY!!!! ahha. This trio is pretty much like 8eight or if you wanna go FAR back, Freestyle. Two guys, one girl. Girl is vocals, one boy can somewhat do vocals and the other raps. Anyway, this trio enjoys doing the whole club thing. So if you like getting your groove thing on, listen to them. It helps that that bubble piece of chub, Solbi, sings =]. I think she’s doing solo now? Not sure.



Liked Sechs? You’ll like this then =]. I’ll provide the world with my bias and say these guys are really good. They’re mellow and I LOVE MELLOW! It helps to be a fan of Sechs too XD. In fact, their latest single, “My Love”, featured Sechs’ leader, Eun Ji Won. Oh baby.



These boys were HAND PICKED by SHINHWA!! Yet…the hype died when I saw em. XD I hope they don’t like being labeled as the “2nd Shinhwa” cuz I really don’t see them being so. They must have some talent. I mean, the guys from Shinhwa thought they did. However, fans are complaining about “how weird they’ve gotten.”



I’ll be blunt. These ladies aren’t getting the credit they deserve. They had the misfortune of debuting with the likes of an army of cheerleaders and the Wonder Girls. Ouch. Then, Kim Sunghee pulled a HyunA and left the band. Double ouch. Luckily, they’re gaining two new members, so yay for them =]. Do they deserve the title of the “2nd FinK.L.?” Hopefully another Hyori won’t pop out of this group. We don’t need more of her. One’s enough lol.

Black Pearl

Black Pearl

Great pipes. WAYYYYYY different from the bright K-poppy goodness that the Wonder Girls and Sushi provide for the world. They don’t have a wiki article I can share, but you should definitely look them up on YouTube or CR if you’re into GOOD RnB. =]

B-listers, here’s hoping you get better =]. And hopefully you lurkers were able to find some new musical talent within the list…aside from the shit that SM likes to call talent. Just kidding =D Lordy, I love pickin’ on em. Seriously, you lil teeny k-boppers, there’s more to life than Barbie dolls and freakishly metro sexual men, ok? GET OUT THERE AND SUPPORT THESE ARTISTS…if they float your boat at all =].

13 responses to “The Unknowns and Underrated

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  2. B-List stars..LOL
    I actually listen to some of them.
    The others I’ve never even heard of.

    But seriously, boy bands, girl bands (new cheerleaders..LOL..because LOL when you write that), and now even kid bands (these are the worst) are popping out like mushrooms.

    The Kpop industry is in for a rough road.

  3. sad to see ss501 here~
    but truth be told
    you can only make it anywhere in kpop
    if you’r from YG, SM or JYP

    i am a sad ss501 fan that supports their fail XD

  4. @ saranghaex3 – you know what? i try =D thank you very much

    @l0v3p1gg13 – xD I honestly didn’t know much about them. I just knew they were always being compared to DBSK which is never a good thing. My opinion of these boys is definitely not negative ahha. It’s just a gray area for me. Hope you didn’t take it the wrong way ahha

  5. did i miss this post? sigh…
    Most of them aren’t exactly B-listers.. just that they don’t have as many enthusiastic fans… SeeYa and SG were among the biggest sellers last year.. their fanbase is diverse, so their fandom is very different… As for SS501. They are HUGE in Korea and Japan, but their international fan base is small, so it seems like they aren’t that popular… But Triple S is FIRE! REPRESENT!

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