Oh Dear…SNSD and Wonder Girls COLLABORATION

*Omona* ROFL, just kidding. But it’s a slow day and well, this is has been bothering me for…well, ever since I’ve heard the news. A while ago, I read about the whole “special stage” collaboration between my ladies, the Wonder Girls, and raw fish …Sushi? Girls Generation/SNSD.

Now, I don’t know about the other side, but after the HUGE disappointment with their last collaboration with Epik High, most of the Wonderfuls I know are pretty so-so about anymore collabs. I mean, Sun Ye’s helping Might Mouth out with their bangin’ single “Energy” and Ye Eun had a one time thing with One Two. Have you seen their schedules? If they sucked up their live performances, their defense is: oh shit they actually sing live!! O_O shocker, neh? None of that lip syncing bullshit (excluding yoobin, but she had an actual med problem, not a case of plastic retardation).

Oh geez, I’m walking into bashing territory again. I’ll take a little step back =] just for you little bits of Sushi roaming around. I know, I know, I’m a little too considerate for my own good. *nods* Okay, okay…so it’s official. Wonder Girls will perform SNSD’s “KISSING YOU” and SNSD will be performing the Wonder Girls’ “Tell Me”. First thing I’m thinking is, “This should have been last year.” But no, they were too busy doing dance off’s and whatnot.

Second thing, “Dear lord, Wonder Girls in some matching cheerleader, lollipop handling uniforms and SNSD (not even sure if all 9 of them are performing…don’t really care ahhaha) in some 80’s retro clothes?” It’s like walking blindly behind enemy lines and well, becoming the enemy.

Exhibit A is SNSD’s “Kissing You”.

Epitome of preppy, girly to the max, poppy, lollipop-ish, omfg my eyes and bubblin’ over with cuteness. My ears burn ahah. I won’t lie but the intro is pretty cute (do do do do do do, kissin’ you baby~). I watch the video and my eyes bleed. I hear the rest of the song, my ears bleed along. I’m being nice, so if you don’t like what you read, stop reading and please oh please leave me a flame because I definitely CARE about your opinion.

Anyway, the question is “Can I see the Wonder Girls jammin’ this song to hell?” Well, their image is less geared towards “cute” and more toward *tasteful* “sexy” (no, not Lee Hyori or Jewelery sexy). The girls themselves are really cute and act cute. I’m pretty confident they can pull off the “cute” look. Have you seen the outfits for the video? It’s like an overly cute (less sluttier) version of Sun Mi’s outfit in “Tell Me”. The singing on the other hand…i’m not quite sure. So Hee has a very soft voice, so at times people consider it “cute” but the song has its moments when it can reach some high range. Finally, the dance. What dance? Just wave lollipops around and blow air kisses.

Exhibit B – Wonder Girls’ “Tell Me”

Do I really need to go over the song? EVERYONE KNOWS THE GODDAMN SONG!!! Vocally, the song really isn’t that difficult, so SNSD can manage. It’s not like they can lip sync this, unless they’re sad enough to pre-record. I can’t imagine all 9 of them singing and dancing to this =_=. So, I’m not worried about the dance or singing…but the outfits =] I really wanna see how these cheerleaders will look in those god awful outfits. O random: Who’s gonna rap? SNSD doesn’t look like they’re capable of saying words without finding something extra to say ahha, just kidding. But ya, I heard it was Tiffany, then I heard no. I don’t really care who does it, as long as they don’t ruin the song for me. =]

Final verdict? It better not be another Epik High =P If my eyes and ears are gonna burn, let it last longer than a minute, please =D. Yes, I’m quite a glutton for punishment.


3 responses to “Oh Dear…SNSD and Wonder Girls COLLABORATION

  1. HAHAHAH!!! you are hilarious….
    i’ll pm u on soompi one day.. we have
    tons to discuss… SARCASM IS KING!

  2. ahha go for it. user name is akirou =] and yes i LOVE my sarcasm XD

    i think soshi fans are afraid to leave me comments =] which is a shame. I need something to laugh at

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