Korean Entertainment – The Disease

It’s a rainy day and I’m stuck in bed with a 102 degree fever. Lay off.

Just kidding, but the situation is still the same. Sucks for me, good for all you readers out there. Wait, what am I talking about? What readers?

Anyway, instead of talking to myself (only proving to the world that I am indeed insane), I shall provide myself some amusement with some rants and raves of my personal anti-ness. =] You ready?

First off, I’d like to applaud SM Entertainment for their masterful work on brainwashing the netizens and several fans around the globe. Good job, guys =]. If I ever want to get a new face, get worked to the bone, and buy my way to the top of the charts, I’ll give you guys a call. HOORAY CONSPIRACY!!!

Yeah, I’m pretty crazy. Crazy enough to flick off one of the biggest entertainment companies in Korea. Yessireeee. Now, I’m sure SM isn’t the only company that does this, but they sure as hell are one of the most prominent ones out there. Sucks to be you…sort of.
SM owns or has owned pretty much the biggest names in the Korean music industry. I’ve mentioned this before. Currently, they’re ruling the Asian music scene with artists like The Grace, Super Junior, BoA, DBSK, SHINee, and SNSD. I will give SM props for being major marketing wizards, but they’re major sleezebags otherwise. Who isn’t in the entertainment industry? I just like picking on SM because they’re so easy. That and the random bits of controversy they have. Of course, most of these are just rumors, but who really cares about the truth anymore?

Now I’m gonna make a huge jump here. I love being random =]. I have a feeling no one’s gonna visit this blog anymore after the stuff I say here. But whatever, I don’t really care. This is my opinion. I’m not asking you to agree with me at all. If you have a problem, please, do share, as you are simply wasting your time =]. I have my opinions, you have yours. The end.

Okie dokie. Let’s start with Super Junior. 13 is WAYYYYY more than enough. But obviously, it’s not enough for SM =]. So let’s add like 4 more subgroups ok!!!??!??!?! Let’s see. Now there’s Suju K.R.Y., Suju T, Suju M, and Suju HAPPY!!! YAY!!! Once again, simply a marketing scam. Great minds, SM, great minds. Suju fans get really flustered when their boys get dissed about their shitty singing and dance skills. Well I wonder why? Theres 13+ of those boys on stage, how the fuck do you expect to notice how they sing and dance when you’re still trying to figure out who’s who? I’m not talking about the rabid fans that notice that sort of shit. I’m talking about EVERYONE ELSE! I watched one of their MV’s the other day. If memory serves, I do believe it was Don’t Don? Yeah, I don’t understand the title either. I was really amused by the boys’ choreography to a heavy metal guitar riff. It was cute and oh so relevant =]. The dance was not nearly as distracting as their weird wardrobe and the random violin solo. Their singing was interesting. I’m pretty sure not all 13 members were able to sing a solo verse. I wonder why?

Let’s move on quickly to the next group so I can make my point. SNSD aka Girls’ Generation. YAYAY!! PINKNESS EVERYWHERE!!! Ok, well, I’m sure we’ve all read that notorious article about Tiffany. I also believe I don’t have to remind anyone of the incident at the 2008 Dream Concert. Anyway 9 girls this time. They’re like 18 and older, too. Their weapons of choice: short skirts, lollipops, and cuteness. Hmm, let’s try to act our age, shall we? Anyway, I never understood the hype with these girls. I’ve tried COUNTLESS times to like them. Seriously. I even bought their goddamn album. None of their songs jumped out at me. I used the album to put me to sleep every night. Anyway, just like Suju, they have too many girls for me to scope out who’s who and what’s going on. In addition, papa SM needs to wash these girls’ mouthes out with soap =]. You don’t diss Shinhwa, Suju, or DBSK and expect to come out of it unaffected. That’s just stupidity. So, bitch, please =].

OK, so run down. I’m pretty sure the saying was “Quality over quantity.” Having 13 and 9 members in a group and having several subgroups is great in the marketing theory. But when it comes to the original aspect in music, it’s just a huge mess. They’re in bands primarily because they sing and dance to SONGS THAT THEY’RE SUPPOSED TO PROMOTE! The whole acting, DJ-ing, etc. is a great side job, but you were hired for singing and dancing.

Of course, these ladies and gentlemen all try to do their job. They all try to sing and dance. But with so many of them, how is one supposed to decide which of the several members have talent? And how can they when these two specific bands often lip sync? I’m sure all the members have their own specific talents in dancing, singing, or whatever. I’m trying to be positive here and I’ll admit how much it burns. Anyway, I can’t bring myself to like these groups because of the whole “quantity over quality” factor they posses. For Suju, there’s just too many of you and you keep growing like bacteria. I can’t like your songs because not all of you can sing or dance. It pains me to listen to you guys with talent in the same group as those boys that don’t have any.

And SNSD girls, please, stop being retarded. Be smart enough to realize that everything you say and do will find its way to our computers. Plastic surgery has done wonders for about 3 of you. I’m terribly sorry for the other 6. Tiffany, you’re in Korea now. America is a whole other ballgame. Please realize that. Oh, and how about learning some real dance moves, ladies? You guys can supposedly sing really well, so turn off the lip syncing and prove it. And it also helps to dress your age, because you definitely sing like you’re 18 and older.

That, ladies and gentlemen, was just part ONE. Part two is about how freakin’ crazy Korean entertainment moguls/fans are compared to American ones.

Now, obviously, there are major differences in culture. But I’m sure both Americans and Koreans love their fair share of entertainment. We all go to concerts to listen to our favorite artists do their thing. Now, I’ve already shared my views on crazy Korean fans. But I won’t shed the bad rap simply on Koreans. After all, didn’t John Lennon die because of one of his psycho fans? Anyway, psycho fandom is everywhere. Koreans are probably just one of the better known psycho fans out there.

Another point. Koreans work their stars just a little too much. Examples: Here, here, here, and here. Take a chill pill. Just because your stars aren’t on like ONE show out of the 99 that you scheduled them on doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world.

I’m getting lazy. I’ll edit this later =].

9 responses to “Korean Entertainment – The Disease

  1. nice one…
    i don’t like SM..but some of their artist aren’t half bad…
    Shinee is very different.. i would’ve never guessed they were from SM.. anyways.. I don’t care for SNSD,but don’t hate them either…they don’t suit my taste.. and i’m not even that picky..oh well, you got a nice blog

  2. [quote]They’re like 18 and older, too. Their weapons of choice: short skirts, lollipops, and cuteness. Hmm, let’s try to act our age, shall we?[/quote]
    hahah, we just had some chat at our forum about Sushi are just 8 yo trapped in 19-20 something, cos seriously, you don’t wanna be cute when you’re 18. you wanna be hot. well, me at least.

  3. yeah, and you got plenty of us i guess. me personally like your blog. and that’s not because you diss Sushi. well.. add *only.

    peace V

  4. hahha just for kicks of course =] im surprised none of the little rabid bits of sushi have dropped me a comment. i was actually looking forward to some hate.

  5. you love hate?you got one on your latest post, a nice one, that is! haha enjoy!i wanna say “i’ll pray for some hate for you” but that’ll sound the other way around of what i mean o.O anyway, keep posting, i love reading them!

  6. haha well thank you for the support =] and spread the love/hate around. it keeps me inspired

    aahha id post these on shenyue but im too lazy to come up with actual evidence.

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