Cram Session

Blah!!! I wanna smack myself silly for being incredibly retarded enough to forget my laptop at home. I’ve been on vacation for about a week and I’ve been suffering from MAJOR withdrawal @_@. Yes, I am just that kind of loser =].

So I decided to treat myself to a splurge-fest of Asian news and provide random strangers with my random commentaries. This is going backwards, in terms of times posted. I’m just too lazy to work my way to the beginning =]

Wonder Generation

OH SHIT!!! AHAHAHHA!! No comment other than this: TIFFANY!?!? DOING YOOBIN’S RAP!??!?! ROFLL!!!!!! *ahem* Wonder Girls can do cute and sexy at the same time, so I find nothing wrong with this.

Sun Mi’s Biggest Fan?
This was just cute =] Oddly disturbing, but cute. It’s Sun Mi for Christ’s sake.

Ye Eun is one of the better singers in WG’s. No question. She needs to learn to control her voice, in certain areas, but everyone does. XD It still sounded amazing to me. Her pipes can reach pretty high, so I wasn’t disappointed at all with this.

Pornstar singer?
First time I read that, I thought of Sora Aoi XD. And all I’m hoping is her singing career actually happens.


I honestly just ROFL-ed at this. I mean, ya, let’s show the world how much of an asshole you are, JYP =]. So, if the Wonder Girls decide to leave you, too, what sort of shit are you gonna be saying when they’re gone?

Shoo Now
Good for you, shoo Yoo Soo-young! She looks wayyy older though…obviously, but you know what I mean.


She can DO ITTTT lol


I take this asshole for granted some times. XD He produces many frockin hits, but his face is a major distraction XD

Wonder Girls Fall Again

Yay for Yoobin’s live =] But, M! is a conspiracy XD.

Happy Bday to my favorite Mandu =]

The End.

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