This, my friends, is why I LOVE SYP. Please, take the time to read this. Very insightful, very pleasing.

Parasite – n. – applies to one who clings to a person of wealth, power, or influence or is useless to society. That is what psychotic, rabid fans/fanclubs are in Korea (of course, I’m sure they’re everywhere. I just never bothered to do the research) are. Now, the article does a splendid job of showing the world just how disgraceful and freaky fans over there can get. I.E. Breaking into “their” stars’ homes and stealing memorabilia.

I mean, seriously? Don’t you people have LIVES!? Go to school and learn something other than your favorite artist’s pet peeves or whatever. Fans should realize that in the end, all they’re really doing is driving themselves to the point of freaky obsession and wasting all their time, money, and energy stalking people who won’t ever remember their names. Fans bring cash. Fans bring popularity and a sense of hierarchy in the entertainment industry. “Oh, I have this many fans and fan clubs, how about you?” “Oh, my fans got me this and that.” BLAH BLAH BLAH! Fans, you’re being used. So get over your stalker ways. Tearing up a Suju banner won’t get the Sushi girls to like you. Sorry.

I also loved that one bit about MNet and their ties with SM. It’s so true, therefore, everything MNet spits out, I just turn the other cheek. Everything is FIXED, so don’t get your feelings hurt if your artist doesn’t get number one on their charts. It’s not like they matter much anyway.

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