Keepin’ the WonderBang Alive?

So Big Bang’s Tae Yang’s pretty much making a name for himself in the Korean Music Industry. The big guy just won MNet, beating the Wonder Girls by about 26 votes? Damn close, neh? And speaking of those lovely ladies, Tae Yang made a *not-totally-mind-blowing* confession on KBS Cool FM “Yoon Do Hyun’s Music Show”. Read more here.

Now, I’ll refrain from speaking about the other half of the decision, just cuz I don’t feel like being a total bitch today. I will, however, point this out. I won’t say anything, but I’m just thinking in the long run, this isn’t exactly the wisest move. Education is rather valuable =P. I mean, just in case, for some random reason, they stop doing the whole SNSD thing, they need something to fall back on. I understand they’re working on some new material for their album and promoting whatever it is they’re promoting, but so are many other bands/artists. They still go to school =D. Or maybe I’m just being a jerk. Maybe they’re gonna try next year. Good luck to ’em.

And what is up with this? NO! NO MORE!!! I’m sick of this. SM entertainment really needs to chill out with their trainees and focus with its horde of kids already. You’ve got the biggest bands (numerically and popularity-wise) in the industry under your belt – YOU DON’T NEED ANY MORE! However, business wise, this is just another way for SM to get mo-mo-money. THAT’S ALL. Sad, neh?

Then there’s this. No. Just no. I’ve never even heard of Goodberry Entertainment and they don’t even have any results on Google. WTF. Cheap-assed SNSD? Yes. Poor frizzled haired ajhummas. Just go home and don’t look back, okay?

Blah, I’m testy today =_=


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