JYP Introducing…

THE WONDER GIRLS!! *gets shot*

OK, so sue me for stealing the intro of “Irony” XD but I can’t help that it’s such a cute little jam. So here’s the deal. I did promise to share my whole “obsession/lesbian crush/fangirlishness” for the Wonder Girls, so here I go. Blah, I’m using “so” too much right now. Lo siento, it’s just that sorta day.

Hmm, where to begin? Well, I’m not ashamed to admit my faults and state that I was originally an anti-Wonderful/Wonder Girls. It was actually a really dumb anti-feeling, too, simply because I knew nothing about them other than the fact that they were pretty famous for their song “Tell Me.” Prior to this, I was like “Oh great, another SNSD, give or take a few girls, with some shitty one-hit wonder.” Of course, I was just basing this all on that single assumption…and Lord knows how much I can’t bare you-know-who.

It wasn’t until I actually LOOKED UP the video that I realized “Wow, these outfits are just gross.” I have a feeling that most of you fans want to stab me, bomb me, nuke me, whatever right now, but hang in there. I promise it’ll get a lot more positive. Sue me, I’m human. Anyway, got passed the outfits, thinking “Ok, I understand that JYP wanted the whole 80s thing goin’ for them.”Outfits = ok ^__^ because I just started to see how cute they all were. I’m so shallow, sorry.

Then came the actual song. I hated to admit how frockin’ catchy the song really was and in the back of my own head I was thinking “No wonder this caught Korea by storm.” I found the video first on YouTube, read a couple of comments, most of which I snickered at at first because I was an anti. For example: “OmFg!!!1! ThEsE bItChEs CaNt SiNg!!” First of all, if you’re gonna flame them, how ’bout learning to type like a normal person. Second, write a REAL comment, not just something out of your retarded pea-sized brain, ok? =D Being a SMART anti back then, I refrained from being caught in the brawl between the Wonderfuls and the antis, just because I realized I had a life and arguing with most of these people wasn’t worth my time. I realized “Ok, so they’re cute, have a nice dance, ok singing (I mean, the doll-looking Wonder Woman needs to work at it…) but I see where this is headed…sorta?”

I took the time to actually look up more of their stuff on crunchyroll and I was actually taken aback by how catchy most of their songs were. I was like O___o. Their songs have this catchy beat to it, something JYP would really produce. And finally, I decided to give the Wonder Girls a place in my iPod. I succumbed to the dark side XDDDD (as I would refer to it back then with my ever-present anti attitude).

But, it actually doesn’t stop there. As you know, Korea has a lot of talk shows and game shows and whatnot that many stars use to promote singers/movies/dramas/whatever. These ladies are on a lot of different things and seeing as how I had nothing better to do with my life at the time, I decided to look up a good bit of their videos outside of their MVs and concert snippets. Man Won Happiness took over me. Sun Ye and Ye Eun did the show and through this show, I learned a lot of how they are and I must say, they were quite endearing XD. Another show was the MTV mini-series for the Wonder Girls. I’m working backwards at the moment because only season 3 has been subbed (THANK YOU WONDERSUBBERS!!). And after watching this, I realized “Wow, what a bunch of weird girls.” Good weird, I can assure you. They actually (brace yourself for the uber gayness) captured my heart.

As you can see, it takes a while for me to be impressed, but the things that impress me aren’t that hard to achieve. Don’t be fooled, I’m still rather picky about these things. More on that later. But for now, here’s some Wonder Girl profilin’ (I’m not gonna waste my time and yours on giving you their history, simply because they’re all over the web right now. Here’s the best place for it):

Also, in addition to the history bit, here’s a great place to find their personal info too.

Sun Ye

The leader. When I first saw her, she was wearing that god awful pink thing of an outfit in the “Tell Me” music video. Seriously, JYP, respect and props to you for being an amazing producer, but seriously, pick a better decade to mooch outfits from, ok? *cough* Anyway, back on track. Her pipes were what caught my eye… well in this case “ear”. Training for 6 years can do that to a person. I saw some audition tapes of her on the net and I gotta say, she had this freaky resemblance to Eugene from S.E.S. Look it up on Star Show.

Also, when watching shows like MTV and Man Won, she exhumed this “motherly” quality about her that I found quite endearing and sexy. XD She’s like 19 (in Korean age) but she can be my momma any day ^__^. That, and the woman can play piano, shake booty, and cook? DAYUM! lol

Ye Eun

I won’t lie. I posted this particular picture of her because at first I thought she was naked and holding up a bunch of bed sheets as a cover XD. Very hot even though my thoughts were crushed XD.

ANYWAY *ahem* Park oppa (or hippo as I’ve seen in many forums) is just awesome. In Man Won, she was labeled “daddy.” That was the first time I just wanted to crack up and be like “Ok ok, she’s getting high on my charts.” Then, I started trying to pick her out in songs from the album. Her pipes are hella good (actually, on par with Sun Ye’s) considering she had no formal training with JYPE prior to her acceptance to the group. And when she sings English songs, she’s still really awesome ,<

Sun Mi

First time I saw her, this was my exact reaction: *rubs eyes over and over* “Ha Ji Won? What’s she doing in a cameo for the Tell Me video?” I had to smack myself a shitload of times to realize they were two different people, but goddamn, there resemblance is there, folks. She just happens to be very far from being legal. So sorry, gentlemen…and ladies that roll this way. She’s the Wonder Girls’ self certified 4D alien. ADD? Bipolar? No. She’s just a kid XD Hell, even I’m not much of a kid anymore, but I sure as hell act like her and as far as I can remember, I don’t remember being diagnosed “bipolar/add”. Fun loving and out of this world (pun intended). She is my favorite XD. I mean sure, at times she gets pushed aside (take your time to notice these things in the videos XD) and gets teased a lot by the other girls, but she’s rather optimistic despite the fact. Actually, I find it crazy how she has that smile on her face often after hearing what she said on Happy Outing. Obviously, the girl’s got strong character. In addition to being insanely hilarious and random, she’s got some DAMN GOOD PIPES for a 16 year old (Seriously though, these Korean and American age differences are confusing me). Here’s a little something to pop your eyes out. I wasn’t lying about them pipes of these three ladies, was I? Actually, out of the 3, her voice is the deepest and truthfully, I find her voice delicious XD. When I first heard “Tell Me” and realized that it was her singing the first and third verse, I thought, “Damn…<3”.

So Hee

The obviously designated “cute” one of the group. The youngest one, too. The magnet for all things adorable. It’s weird though. When I first saw her I was like (please forgive me XD I was still in the anti phase), “Wait…why’s there a 10 year old in this?” *gets shot* I won’t lie and say she has an amazing voice. The kid’s 16. Her passion’s in acting. With a little time and training, she’ll get there. I haven’t seen her movie “Some Like It Hot” or whatever, but I’m sure she did alright. It’s her first movie, so I won’t really judge her on much of anything. But she is cute. XD Super shy, super polite, and really quiet. After watching several videos, I was wondering why she was so quiet. But I guess, after seeing the first three girls, that would be the first question coming to mind. So unlike the other girls, yet, she still gets along with them with her sarcastic humor and serious face. I mean, come on…MiSo anyone?

Yoo Bin

I won’t lie, once again. When I saw the “Tell Me” MV, she caught my eye and MADE me watch the whole thing. She was just HOT DAMN in the MV <3. *cough* She replaced Hyun Ah as the group’s rapper and (I’m only saying this because I never really knew what Hyun Ah was like) I must say THANK YOU JYP. She brings a whole sense of (LEGAL) sexiness to the group and a sort of American sass (that Tiffany uses to the point of OVERKILL) to the Wonder Girls. Like all the other girls, she gets a little crazy and has a lot of cute moments as well. She’s got the sickest rap voice, her singing is actually yummy, and her speaking voice is soo fuckin’ deep. It’s a turn on XD. Did I mention her legs are to KILL FOR?! *ahem* She also gets teased a lot for her darker skin tone (I’m guessing it was that California sun.) It’s rather fitting on her…UNLIKE THOSE DAMNED WIGS!! OMFG RANT TIME: I hate them. Those wigs just look retarded and I wanna punch JYP for making her wear them. WHY?!?!?!?

Ok, composure. XD If you haven’t noticed by now, I lack that. I also happen to lack straight-ness when I’m talking about the Wonder Girls. XD Seriously. They’re all so cute, I wouldn’t mind bending the other way for them XD. Lord, why did you give me no shame?

Anyway, main point: These girls seemed to have come so far and worked so hard for what they’ve rightfully achieved (not that other bands haven’t done the same) and I hang my head in shame for being an anti prior. They’ve got talent. I mean, Russell Simmons even said so =D. I hope these girls will stay the Wonder Girls forever and stay on top. They’ve got these endearing personalities and their tunes are contagious. Actually, they sort of remind me of Shinhwa. XD The comparison is a stretch but, the way they treat one another in such a sisterly/family sort of way just screamed “Shinhwa” to me. Not many bands can achieve that. So Wonder Girls, you stay WONDERFUL ❤

VOTE FOR THEM AT MTV ASIAN AWARDS!!! (I’m being honest here, they don’t have much of a chance in beating SuJu or Big Bang, but DAMNIT, at least beat SNSD =D)


8 responses to “JYP Introducing…

  1. LOL that was such a funny rant

    “VOTE FOR THEM AT MTV ASIAN AWARDS!!! (I’m being honest here, they don’t have much of a chance in beating SuJu or Big Bang, but DAMNIT, at least beat SNSD =D)” lol thats just classic.

    but wow, good on ya for turning yourself into a WG fan. *pats back*

  2. hmmm… gay tendencies much? lol im so glad im a guy and dont have to pardon myself wen i comment on how fine the girls are lol

    “I haven’t seen her movie “Some Like It Hot” or whatever, but I’m sure she did alright.”

    so hee did MORE than alright… she made out with a girl 3 times 😉

    but i love sun mi’s deep voice too! MiSo rapping is also relle good lol

  3. LOL well, aren’t you the lucky one ahha. Though, I don’t have shame, so I really dont mind when i slip into my gay tendencies ahha.

    Ya, i finally saw that movie and i was like O__O MANDU? It was…interesting ahha. And you’d think my gay tendencies would come out ahha, and ur probably right. i probably wasn’t aware of it at the time ahha.

    Btw, I love u ahhaa

  4. u saw the movie?? HOT !!!! I watched how many times?? hahaha..(going to watch it again)

    i just noticed that your sunmi part was sssooooo long… damn, i would’ve never guessed she was your fav..hhahah

    good, complete, sarcastic intro.. good job

  5. i agree with alot of things u wrote, nd i still don’t get how snsd had more votes than wonder girls for mtv asia awards…still cant get over that but i soooo wanted the kpop awards to be in this order for the nominees:

    big bang, wonder girls, suju, snsd

    i know it was close for the boys but i still wanted big bang in first place

    o well, i’m still a big WG & BB fan no matter

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