Oh how I loved the 90s.

2000 is pretty much ruining my life, musically, so I lock myself in my room for about an hour each day for a month and I listen to random songs of each decade of different countries. I’m weird, yes, but hey, it’s the best way to just chillax for me. That and I mean, come on, it’s the easiest way for me to expand my knowledge on music.

So, for me, the 90s was basically the golden age for music. I’m not really sure why, as my taste in music has changed drastically since then, but the overall catchy-ness and the lasting impression the decade has left on me has proven to be more powerful than Timbaland. He’s not even worth his own blog post =D. Anyway, I guess it’s simply because I grew up in that decade and well duh. 80s was cute, but doesn’t quite have that “flava.” Yes, I just said “flava.” FLAVA FLAVVVVV!!!

*ahem* Ok, now there’s no need to remind anyone on this planet of the whole 90s bubblegum pop scene with its squeaky clean boys and gals dancing and singing around, reeling in a huge mass of crazy, rabid fans. YAY! From what I’ve read and seen, those fans are getting crazier every decade. Anyway, who can forget the rivalry between N*SYNC and the Backstreet Boys? And does anyone recall 98 Degrees? No? It’s ok. I’m pretty sure if Nick Lachey didn’t get hitched to one of America’s many useless human beings and make a television show out of it, 98 Degrees would stay unknown. I mean, I only remember three singles – “Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche)“, “My Everything“, and “It’s the Hardest Thing” compared to the list I have for the other two.

Then there was the lovely set of 4 hot blondes that fought for the Bubblegum title. Main rivalry? Christina Aguilera and the oh so blah-ish, Britney Spears (she’s so lucky, she’s a starrr). So hey, I hear that Xtina’s doin’ pretty well with her hubby and her baby. And Britney? LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!! Seriously, people, did you really want to see that again? But I’m not all that negative. I was one of her cute lil teeny boopin’ fans from the good ol’ days when she was still that cute ex-member of the Mickey Mouse Club (M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E lol). Britney, good luck with the rest of your life =D.

Oh yeah, there were 4. Jessica Simpson and Mandy Moore. I remember one hit from Jessica and it wasn’t even much of a hit. Something like “I wanna love you forever” or whatever. It’s wasn’t until Nick that she actually got some publicity. But, OH NOEZ, they broke up and hmm, I haven’t heard from her since she broke up with John Mayer (how fucking stupid are you, Jessica?). Mandy, on the other hand, had (arguably) some hits up her sleeve. Ok, maybe not “hits”, but at least she had more than one single that I heard on the radio on the way to school: The overly sugar-fied “Candy” (btw, Scarlette Johanson makes a cameo in the MV), the random “In My Pocket” (which has this Bollywood sound reminiscent to one of Shinhwa’s songs), and my *sad to admit this* favorite from her, “Crush” (I was actually surprised to read that this single failed to make the charts). Hey, at least she had more than one single that I knew all the lyrics to. She was better in A Walk to Remember =P.

Blah, I’m feeling all over the place right now, but who can’t remember the Spice Girls (Need I remind you, Wannabe?), Hanson (when they were cute and not married), BBMak (ok, seriously, these guys were underrated, but they were cool enough to make a cameo on Disney’s Even Stevens), Sugar Ray (when they still sucked), Whitney Houston (Pre-Bobby Brown marriage days), George Michael (when he finally admitted he wasn’t the straightest man alive. And you’re telling me it wasn’t obvious from “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go”? Seriously?), and Celine Dion (simply no comment, but you know you start thinking “Titanic”). There was the whole “VH1 90s Greatest Hits Top 100” chart thing, but that was just shit in my opinion. I admit there were some nice singles on there, but this is just me going “Blah, let me play my Pokemon.”

You want American hits from the 90s? Here ya go:

How Am I Supposed To Live Without You – Michael Bolton (you know you loved his hair)
Nothing Compares 2 U – Sinead O’Connor
Vogue – Madonna (Duh)
Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice (Another duh)
Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) – C&C Music Factory featuring Freedom Williams (oh the controversy)
(Everything I Do) I Do It for You – Bryan Adams
Good Vibrations – Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch featuring Loleatta Holloway (from the good ol’ days when Marky thought he was black and flaunted his third nipple)
I’m Too Sexy – Right Said Fred (YES!!)
Save the Best For Last – Vanessa Williams (Before “Ugly Betty”)
The Sign – Ace of Base (ROFL, the reason why I love this song was because I saw it on Full House)
Kiss From A Rose – Seal (get passed his face, folks, and you’re ok. I LOVE YOU, SEAL =D)
Truly Madly Deeply – Savage Garden

I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing – Aerosmith (these two tracks were definitely played in everyone’s Junior prom, and don’t you be shy to admit it!)
Smooth – Santana featuring Rob Thomas (I LOVE SANTANA, lol)

Please don’t make me remind you guys of all these bands.

90s in Korea

I’m still working on becoming familiar with all the bands and the ridiculous amount of music. The oldest 90s music I’m most familiar with is “Turbo”. You know, when Koreans were first introduced to Kim Jong Kook and his freakishly unmanly singing voice. LOOK HERE!! If you find the original video somewhere on youtube when KJK was still in his Turbo days, you can see him rocking that 90s Nick Carter haircut and wardrobe. But the muscle man’s home from the military now, so YEH better get her booty back home to let the press write more and more about those two.

LATE 90s =D

I’m working backwards here, so shoot me. I’ve gotta admit though, if you were to ask me “90s Korea or 90s America”, I would just sit there and stare at you because in all honesty, I couldn’t really choose. Here’s a (as full as I can get it) full profile (proving just how much of a life I have) of the heavyweights of 90s Korea.


90s Korea’s best female group PERIOD! I mean, when you’ve got Shinhwa’s Jun Jin doing your “I’m Your Girl” dance, you know you’ve made it. But seriously, folks, they could actually sing. Mind-blowing, isn’t it? Bada’s vocals are just “My God”. Eugene’s cute (duh, she was the “face”). Shoo spoke Japanese. HOT DOG! And, did I mention they’re close with Shinhwa? I was tickled pink after hearing that. Anyway, hit after hit, these girls actually had the talent to grace the charts and destroy the competition. It helps that they’re pretty sexy, too.

Way back when, these ladies were sporting the whole 90s look. And when I first saw them live, I wanted to shoot their hairstylists and wardrobe people. Seriously. They freaked me out. But now, all of them are off on their own solo projects. Bada’s got her solo career goin’ for her. I mean, she’s already been called Korea’s Madonna. Totally agree, btw. She’s gone under the knife enough to prove it.

Eugene’s an actress. Her solo singing career doesn’t impress me much, but that’s a “duh”. She wasn’t the best singer. She was “the face.” I’m working on watching her dramas. I’m takin’ a stab at “Wonderful Life” right now, but I have seen her first movie “Unstoppable Marriage.” If you get past the shitty English and the hideous mommy monster, it’s a reasonably humorous movie. WATCH IT! And note to you guys, don’t bother with “3 Dads 1 Mom.” Just save yourself.

And Shoo. Where the fuck did you go?

OOOOOOK! Fin.K.L.? Never got into them, but they did have Sung Yu Ri (she’s an actress now, but most of her dramas are still on my “To Watch” list) and the sexy Lee Hyori (no need to tell you about her =D). I’m sure these ladies are good, but I haven’t actually listened to them enough to judge. I would think they were good. They were the rivals of fellow girl group, S.E.S.

Finally, there was the less popular, but popular enough, Baby V.O.X.

Ok. They were the longest lasting girl group from the 90s (if you want to get technical, S.E.S. has not officially stated their break up), but I’m glad they broke up before they completely sold out (don’t make me show you the Ecstasy video). They had a freakishly awesome group of girls. Kan Mi Youn is, hands down, the COOLEST member of the group. She plays bass and drums. Now tell me that isn’t hot. And it helps that she can speak Chinese (not sure which) and her pipes are damn good. Vocally, she was the leader of the group. OMFG Check out her Korean single “Kiss.”

Yoon Eun Hye is arguably the breakthrough artist of the 5 ladies. I mean, hell, Goong anyone? I personally hated it after I realized how emo the drama was. Then there was Vineyard Man, which was mildly amusing to begin with, but just dragged on forever for me. Finally, she did something right with Coffee Prince. THANK YOU GOD FOR COFFEE PRINCE. *ahem* She’s not a shabby model and CF star as well. But that’s just because Jeon Ji Hyun was busy filming her other movies =P.

Lee Hee Jin had some pretty good pipes herself and she was really pretty, but GOOD LORD, the woman needs to be force fed. She’s a friggin stick, man. And apparently she suffered from depression after the group’s break up. Nowadays, she’s gaining weight and preparing to star in a TV drama. YAY! lol

Shim Eun Jin had good vocals, but I gotta say, I’m pretty glad she went solo. Her solo stuff is definitely a stretch from what she had done with the band. More jazzy = very sexy. Check it out.

Kim E.Z. is the rapper. She was also the one with boobs (ROFL). The “hot” one. Yessir. She’s been on the down low, so I don’t know much of anything.

They put out awesome singles like “Accident (Oo Yun)”, “Sarang Hae Yo”, “Missing You (It’s chinese), “In Hyung”, and “Devotion”. I’m too lazy to remember the rest. If you like the ones I posted up, look for the other singles yourself.



Gotta love a boy band that has matching signature 90s hairstyles. I found them really weird beyond their hit single “Candy.” I honestly couldn’t find another one of their songs easy on my ears, but ya know, whatever floats your boat. They’ve disbanded, duh. Kangta’s in the army. He looks really creepy bald. Moon Hee Jin’s been exiled in Korea after his sorry attempt at K-Rock. The end.

Sechs kies

Not really familiar. Just started to consider listening to them, so gimme a break here. They’re all off on their own solo projects, so good luck with that. But basically, they’re like Shinhwa. They’ve got 3 main singers and 3 rappers.

But obviously, nothing can compare to the real deal:


I could honestly eat them all. Eusha Eusha anyone? Yummy. Still together after 10 years. Crazy, neh? But still oh so sexy. They’re all doing their own solo projects before entering the military, but they’re still together. They’ve got a huge list of singles out there, so just look em up and take your pick. You won’t be disappointed. They’re not the type of band that reminds you of a cockroach that won’t die, trust me.

Blah, if I really cared enough, I’d give you the low down on each solo’s career, but I figured, this is a 90s post, I’ll save it for later =D.

Anyway, main point being: 90s music rocks. For Korea, a lot of the bands today (as shitty as mostly all of them are) are still trying to leave the kind of impressions that the 90s bands left on Kpop. Seriously.

Back then, lip-syncing was weird, sexy was unconventional, and talent was real, not processed bullshit. Ok, so maybe Baby V.O.X. didn’t quite get the news about the lip-syncing part, but otherwise…Yes, Kpop artists of the 90s don’t seem quite as fake, could actually sing, and produced real hit after hit tracks on the daily. I’ll rant about today’s Kpop another time.

EDIT: Actually, I did some research and well XD I’m sad to say that last bit about lip-syncing isn’t true. A lot of bands back then didn’t exactly perform live like they should have >< Shame shame shame.

As well as American music. Hopefully you learned nothing after wasting your time reading this.


4 responses to “90s

  1. Strange but I landed in your blog searching for entries about 90s songs. Although we have nothing in common when it comes to music, I did like the fact that you think the 90s was the golden age for music. Well, maybe that’s for us ( I assume) born in the 80s. There were great decades as well. But the 90s was the last so far. You’re right. It’s sad that we don’t get to hear “music” this decade.

  2. ahha i left out a LOT of bands xD i didn’t do my favorite decade much good, but that’s what vh1 is for ahah.

  3. Love this page! 90s was the bomb, with many aspiring artists like Nirvana(RIP Kurt), Madonna, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, etc., but 00s is just…eh…bunch of talentless pop punk bands, teen idols, commercialized hip hop and rap scene…basically everything is so commercialized and talentless. All bands and artists sound all the same to me.

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