Ok, so my friends can definitely agree that I was the epitome of anti-modern-kpop bands/music. I hated the looks, the huge number of members *coughSNSD/SuJu*, and the lackluster performances/singing. Well, the “Tell Me” bug sorta bit me in the ass (albeit 1 year too late) and I developed a lesbian fangirl crush on the Wonder Girls. Ok, so yeah, I’ll explain my crush on them later (tee hee) and my ranting on the rest of the bands, but as for now…

WHY?! WHY?!? WHY!?!?!??!

Now, I can openly admit that I was never a fan of SNSD, especially after I heard what happened among the Soshi, Cassi, Elves, Triple S, and Wonderfuls at the Dream Concert. I gotta admit though, Tiffany cracks me up =D Represent America and all it’s wonderful attributes, okay? Keep up the great work, Tiff =].

Anyway, back to the question “why?” Seriously, Yoobin, I had this major fangirl-ish crush on you and you come out with such a STUPID comment like that. Here I am, sitting on my flat ass, mouth drooping dead on the table, wondering how stupid you guys can get. You guys were on the neutral for Christ’ sake. WTF? Saying how your fans are “more mature” is basically digging your own fucking graves. I wouldn’t be surprised if every single rabid fan club in Korea starts hatin’ on your asses. So much for “Everybody’s wantin’ me.” There’s gonna be a whole lot of hating if you don’t get your dumb ass acts together. Especially if you wanna be on top.

For the record, I love you, Sun Mi <3. (And Yoobin…if you redeem yourself.)

Ahem, then there’s SNSD. Anti? Perhaps, but not enough to sit around my ass on the computer all day to see if they fucked up some more. I find it oh so hilarious to read the mess-ups, but that’s just me and my sick humor. Anyway, this “apology” is rather half-assed, but I guess it depends on just how much of a rabid fan/anti you are. I guess it also helps to show that the apology was just for the fans. Real smart, SNSD. But hey, at least they (the reps) tried to calm down the whole anti-ness. How cute. Now, here’s hoping that the Wonder Girls have smart reps like that as well to save their asses, just because I happen to like them. Oh the bias.


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