The First Post O__O

Hey, hello people of the cyberworld!!1!11 =D

I’m new, obviously, and well, I’m still working on the whole concept of this overall blog. Still wondering if it’s gonna provide the world with Korean news (as if there’s not enough of those kinds of blogs out there), actual music from everywhere in Asia (again, as if there’s not enough of those), or just me ranting about the many dramas/movies I’ve seen to prevent you guys from watching shitty ones =D. But then I thought, “Hey, I’m stepping into the whole Dramabeans, ShenYue, PopSeoul, etc territory and I’d rather not.” I mean, what the hell do I know and they’re my sources for everything anyway, so it’d just be watered down, old-school, recycled bull that you’re gonna be reading, and who really wants to waste their time with that?

So ya, if you’re actually taking your time to read this, that’s pretty sad. I suggest getting a real life, but hey, it’s your life.


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